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Friday, June 11, 2010

How to be #1

Okay so I am going to tell you how to be a winner. Before I go into the details I will first say what is most important is how you handle yourself. It is important to be able to share others' perceptions and understand how they feel about situations & issues. This will help you to be a better communicator. I am blunt and to the point, I don't have much skill when it comes to diplomacy but I have learned to put myself in others' shoes. If you are okay with yourself then you can deal with other people whoever they might be. So what it all boils down to end the end is you must believe in yourself and not let others be able to make you think less of yourself. If ever someone comes to you with advice then take the time to listen. If ever someone comes to you asking for advice take the time to clearly listen to what they are asking of you. I believe in delegating responsibility... I don't have all the answers so if I don't know then I will point them to someone who does, otherwise you can get yourself or them into trouble. Sometimes it's not easy to believe in yourself, you walk in a room full of people and they all give you a cold stare. It's okay. We must constantly challenge ourselves if we want to improve. It's also very important to surround yourself with strong people who can help you. This was one of Andrew Carnegie's secrets to success. If we are always around people at our own level then it's harder to learn. I firmly believe anything you do you should always do your best. Your work and efforts are a reflection of yourself. If you do a mediocre job people will see it for what it is. So these are some ways to improve upon ourselves so that we can be number one. If you really want to be number one then you must make the effort to make it happen and work hard. What I have found is that through sheer tenacity and will power we can learn anything. Once you learn something then it is always with you from then on & no one can take these things from you. To be number one you must be the best and you must believe you are the best. Luck and bullshit are poor substitutes for true skill & knowledge.

I am by no means a self help guru but I thought I would jot down these thoughts to share. While they are all general they all apply to playing 40k in a competitive environment. We must be able to effectively deal with all the difficult situations. Like I said I am not a good diplomat because of my bluntness and confrontional personality but I do know how to get my point across. That's all you can do at times. Remember also that when you lose it's an opportunity to learn.



The_King_Elessar said...

"Remember also that when you lose it's an opportunity to learn." - It's only a pity you left this to the end, as I feel this is the most important point that can be made about 40k.

Green Blow Fly said...

Wrote hte whole thing off teh top of my head. Had to throw that in for good measure. You're right too.