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Monday, February 08, 2010


I had just typed in a long article on the new Nidz then all of a sudden I receive a phone call on my iPhone and the post is wiped out. Oh well.

So I will instead discuss where I think the so called metagame will be headed by May. I know a lot of people were hoping the new Nidz would be the answer to mech IG but I hear a lot of my good friends that are currently playtesting the new Nidz say that they are having some serious problems with mech in general. One of these friends basically has the same concept as me how to run the new Nidz... Hold everything in reserve and swamp them on turn two using the Tyrant power Hive Commander for the +1 reserve. It's sound in theory to me and should work better than daemons because you can opt out of one round of enemy shooting... But still my friend says he is having some problems with mech. I won't go through all the options for shooting but I will say that if you want the surest thing to pop armor coming in from reserve then Zoanthropes in mycetic spores is the best bet. There one Achilles' Heel is that Zoies must take a psychic test to shoot, so you need two to three Zoies per spod. I have decided to drop the Zoies and Deathleaper from my list so I can bulk up on other units that are more versatile, such as what you saw in my third variation of my genestealer shock list.

Now on to my thoughts on what will become the first real counter to mech IG and other mechanized lists such as CSM, SM & SoB with inducted IG... from the latest batch of rumors it sounds like the new Blood Angels will have the ability to absolutely destroy mech IG. It's interesting to me that Blood Angels will be released so soon following Tyranids and to me I think there could be a reason why GW decided in their infinite wisdom to release the two new armies back to back in terms of overall game balance. If the new Blood Angels are mech killers then I think it will make the game much easier for Tyranids in general. I plan to play both Tyranids (as you are well aware) and Blood Angels so this is a very exciting year for me.


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