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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Genestealer Shock III

Okay so I had some free time on my hands and decided to revisit the stealer shock concept. The funny thing is that I forgot to include the Deathleaper and spodding Zoies. I was basically trying my hand at a revised Tyranid list then upon creation it dawned upon me upon later review that I had basically come up with a more viable genestealer shock army so here it is...

Hive Tyrant/2x twin linked brain leech devourer, wings, Hive Commander, adrenal glands
Alpha Warrior/2x bone sword, death spitter, adrenal glands

15x Genestealer w. Broodlord
15x Genestealer w. Broodlord
15x Genestealer
5x Warrior/each w. pair of bone swords, 4x death spitter, venom cannon - mycetic spore

-Heavy Support-
Trygon Prime/adrenal glands
Trygon Prime/adrenal glands

This list weighs in around 2000 points and the Tyrant costs ~295 points. I don't really have any shooting that can take out landraiders but to be honest I think people spend too much time worrying about landraiders and how to counter them and if I run across one I'll just have to either ignore it or try to take it out in close combat. The three monstrous creatures are S7 when charging due to furious charge plus 2d6 for armor penetration... that's not shabby at all, if I hit I need to roll an 8+ to penetrate which is roughly 50 percent. Dropping the Deathleaper and spodding Zoies freed up a fair number of points I was able to use to purchase another Trygon and upgrade them both to Primes. This army definitely has some serious firepower that can crack rhinos/chimeras, which to me is a lot more important that trying to over-compensate the list to take put landraiders with shooting. The Deathleaper and spodding Zoies really don't fit into the theme of this army and I feel comfortable leaving them back on the Hive Ships. This list will excel in close combat, of course and that is my favorite aspect of the game. It would really suck to have a landraider redeemer roaming around in my backfield scorching my genestealers but to be honest that is a problem for most any foot slogging army. I'd rather design a fun army rather than come up with another pre meta spam list. This list certainly has some spam but I think from what I have seen elsewhere on the Internet it's fairly unique and is a much improved attempt at genestealer shock. I have thought about it a lot and my conclusion is the points you pay for gaunts and Tervigons are much better invested in genestealers... that's how I see it anyways.


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Magilla Gurilla said...

This is very similar to the list I have been working on with a friend to get his Tyranids - New Codex Ready. The primary difference is we have included Poison Hormagaunts for the simple fact that the wound of 4 plus is brutal against daemons and other MC's.

I also agree that way to many people worry about AC 14 models. I played Tyranids up till the new Codex and I never really paid attention to AC 14 - Then again I also had STR 10 Carnifexes....but with six attacks and MC rules I am hoping that Trygons can perform in a similar role.