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Monday, February 15, 2010

Adepticon 2010... 39 days left til kickoff

I'm not going to write up a detailed syllabus... I'll just briefly describe what am I planning to do there:

Travel to Chicago late afternoon, check in to hotel and chill, meet friends and drink beer.

I've got my super Forgeworld unit again. This will be my last Gladiator so I'd like to go out strong. Last year I did okay but I know I could have done better and that's why I'm playing again.

•Saturday/40k Team Tourney
The year before my team was playing on the top table in the final round and I'd like another shot at the gold ring. I have a solid team with solid armies plus all the frill; should be very interesting and I'm interested to see who we face off against. Last year my team played Dakka Detachment #1 and Cold Steel Mercs... It was my worst year in the team event but we are ready this year for sure!

Hang out and watch people play the new Tyranids in the championship RTT. Its a great way to learn about new armies watching the veterans and I learned a lot last year about daemons.

Fly to Texas for a conference.

That's it. If you are planning to go let me know and maybe we can drink some together. Despite what some people have to say Adepticon is the best event in the country and has something for everyone. I wouldn't miss it for anything in the world.



MorbidlyObeseMonkey said...

You're not competing in the championship?

Brent said...

I've really missed the boat for tournaments this year, thus far.

Are there any coming up that you recommend? I'm in the North Texas area.

Andrew said...

Why is this your last Gladiator?

Green Blow Fly said...

@ MOM - Three events in three days is too much.

@ Brent - I want to play in BOLScon... they Nid list that won last year was such a crappy army, that guy got smoked very hard at The Big Waaagh. The BOLS guys seem like a nice group of people and I know Darkwynn from his Orlando days. Bolter Beach is going to be an awesome event.

@ Andrew - last year out of the four people I played three were douchebags.