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Monday, February 15, 2010

All about old GBF!

Here are my origins as a wargamer. I started playing 40k with the release of 3rd edition. My first two armies were Dark Angels and Chaos Space Marines. I was playing out in the northwest and the gamers I hung out with were all about the fluff and building beautiful armies. This was prior to the WAAC gamer or RAW as we know it now. My friend who got me started was a horrid mentor... I was someone for him to win as many easy games as possible. I kept count of my wins and losses... I only managed two wins out of the first 60 games. It was really frustrating and at first i was simply just trying to learn all the rules. Mainly I would play my DA versus orks and i was completely overwhelmed by the horde... But slowly I started to develop some basic tactics and win games. The guys I played with out there were awesome! I formed a club and it's still going strong today I'm very proud to say.

Next I moved to the triangle area of North Carolina and got right back into the game running World Eaters. I had lots of daemons in my army and you used to be able to summons daemons off of other daemons. About 50 percent of my army was daemonic and it was very fast and hard hitting. I took them to the 2001 Dallas GT and ended up winning a best sportsmanship award along with 3 ties and 3 massacres. I crushed three BA armies the second day. I came home and eventually grew tired of the army winning just about every RTT I entered. Those World Eaters were unstoppable! So my next army was Space Wolves... This army had a very unique theme and won a lot of awards for appearance and best army. I took them to the 2002 Dallas GT and broke even in my games. I also brought them to a Baltimore Games Day RTT but didn't do as well... There were a lot of tools there and the comp scoring boned SW in particular. The 4th edition CSM codex was then released and I built an undivided army that was heavy on Khorne units... This was my first over the top army and i ended up in the top five at the Charlotte 2003 GT only losing one game, plus I won an award for best army. I won many RTTs with this list and there were several variations as well including an eight man Berzerker biker list! They were totally tooled up and I had a possessed biker champion hosting a Bloodthirster... S8 at I5 on the charge with a lighting claw to boot! Crazy crazy !!!

More to come soon:



Laen said...

Glad to hear that you didn't start out as the powerhouse gamer I think you are today. I just wish I could pick an army. Its really starting to annoy me lol! I love the sleek look of Tau, the brute force of Daemons, the accessories of Space Marines, the power of unused units of Chaos Marines(Havocs), I purchased bits of Black Templars, Space Wolves, Had and sold my Sisters of Battle army before their codex, Have about 1300 points of painted Necrons and about 800 points not built and painted, I just can't decide.. its really a curse and prevents me from playing games. I've even shied away from playing Blood Angels recently.. Pretty much leaves me with Eldar which I don't think I can play effectively, Dark Eldar which have way to make pointy pits(used to have a 2500 point army of these guys) and not to mention that they are pretty limited on competitive units right now, Tyranids which again have way to many pointy bits, and Orks. Pretty sure I covered the bases.

I've been thinking about running Imp Guard again.. or perhaps an =I= army with inducted Space Marines, or IG... but again I'm left with the I have to collect an entire army again. Maybe I'm just a glutton for punishment lol! I do want to run the berserker list I had mentioned in one of your posts awhile ago. But I found that the beautiful WE chest pieces from Forge World were kind of small. Now, I'm not sure it is entirely a problem being that they will be able to hide in smaller things.. but I was slightly concerned.

Well, I finally got a paycheck where I will have a bit of extra cash and will be able to purchase at least $150 worth of units. And now that I brought up the World Eaters again I am salivating to want to field the 3 duel-CC dreads 5 Rhino charging Berserker squads with 2-3 havoc squads loaded with melta guns and melee madness. It looks great on paper and I want to see the sheer terror on my opponents face when they get in to melee or if he dares charge my havoc squad that has the possibility to melt a 5 man Term squad in one round of shooting. Ohhh decisions... Sorry if I stole this post GBF. Again, I am very happy to find that you started where most players start and worked yourself up to where you are now. If you find yourself in Dallas in the next few months be sure to mention it. I'm out here for business, and while I don't have an army... we could always throw down some theory-hammer.

Anyway, thanks for the story!

Green Blow Fly said...

@ Laen

I would pick an army that is versatile such as eldar or Space Marines... they both can do just about anything so you can create a lot of different lists around one of these races. SM are always a great start.

If I ever happen to get around Dallas I will be sure to drop you a line!

: )