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Friday, February 05, 2010


Well this past Sunday just as I was getting ready to buy my ticket and watch the new Mel Gibson movie I checked my cell phone and saw I had a voicemail from the president of my company. Turns out a customer wanted me to fly out the next day and help them put some equipment they had purchased from us in-service. I had to go straight home and book my flight for the trip. Well it's Friday now and I'm still here in California. I was hoping to be able to schedule a game with a socal gamer during an evening but that fell through. I did have the opportunity to visit a really neat comicbook shop (Nuclear Comics) not too far from San Clemente one evening. Everybody was talking about the Lost two hour episode but I missed it... I haven't followed Lost to be honest. I'll be on call tomorrow then returning to my beloved Florida this Sunday. I'm really looking forward to coming back home but I have to say the San Clemente area is a very nice place to visit. I might be back towards the end of the month and if so hopefully I'll have a little bit more advance notice, which would help for scheduling an away game. I would love to see how the socal gamers roll over here on the left coast!


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