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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Some tweaks to the blog...

I made a few cosmetic changes to the appearance of the blog... For instance the green background really pops out now. I also modified posting/comment privileges so no more OpenID... OpenID I have found lends itself to people who prefer to post anon and typically they'll come here to trash an article. I have no problem with criticism but people that do so and wish to remain anon... I find these types tend to be people who would never have the balls to say stuff like face to face. Unfortunately a good portion of the Internet is roamed by packs of these anons... They have a huge chip on their shoulders and love to rant away like it's nobodys business. Kind of sad they don't have the balls to man up. I'll be at Adepticon next month with Green Blow Fly on my name tag. If you'd like to talk about anything look me up, but please don't pester me while I'm playing. I'll probably wear my White Socks jersey on Sunday that has Green Blow Fly stitched on the back... Buy me a beer and maybe I'll share some secrets with ya too. Heh!


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