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Blood Vow

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Sunday, December 29, 2019

The Scouring - Part 2 - Execution and Discovery

Sisyphus slashed at the trio of Ultramarines with his long sharp talons floating above them as his wings unfurled beating against the umber night sky. Twisting right then left Plato parried the deadly strikes with his blades catching the extended tips of the claws. "You should not have come here." hissed the Daemon Prince.

"It is but your destiny." The Champion speared the Word Bearer through its throat with the Mirror Blade. Black ichor poured from the sudden wound spilling upon the volcanic sand below. Sisyphus disengaged falling back from the fight. Its warp infused blood smoked as it scorched the earth below. Plato leapt up driving his other blade into the daemon’s torso and savagely twisted. The fractal edge severed internal organs and split the vertebrae.

Falling to the hard ground Sisyphus righted himself but it was too late. The enemy fell upon him hacking through the daemon armor. Pure hate flowed through their veins as they finished him. The trio stood back catching their breath. They felt something alien and ancient towering above them. In perfect unison they turned to see a gigantic statue of a Space Marine carved into the mountainside.

"The third Primarch." whispered Plato.

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