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Blood Vow

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Sunday, July 21, 2019

M’Shen - Part 5 - Training Day

Melisa’s Sensei handed her the wooden sword. "In truth their is no Chaos. At the microscopic level things seem to be random but on the macroscopic level everything happens for a reason."

The assassin took the sword testing its weight. It felt light as a feather as she watched the light absorbed by the stained wood.

"We are training you to slay a Primarch. You are more than human and created to succeed. To slay a Primarch you must train against a Primarch." said the Sensei.

An enormous figure entered the fighting cell. He was clad in a suit of black armor wielding a pair of immense lighting claws. "I am Dorn." he said in a deep voice. "While I am not as adept with these weapons as your target I have trained long and hard to properly simulate his melee skills as closely as possible."

Melisa bowed slightly at the waist.

The Sensei pointed to a pot of red paint. "Dip your sword in the paint so we can then see every strike you score." The paint looked like fresh blood. She could smell the pungent ether. "Take care." said the Sensei. "The lightning claws are real and very lethal."

The assassin smiled behind her mask. "It is an honor." Then she struck.

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