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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

M’Shen - Part 8 - Conclusion

M’Shen - Part 8 - Conclusion

Slowly M’Shen began to ripple in form not fighting his tight grip. The Night Haunter blinked once to see Talos caught in his steely grasp. "My Lord the assassin disemboweled me." he said as he coughed up blood. "It was a slow and painful death. She cut me apart one piece at a time. Where were you? I cried out your name then she cut out my tongue." His eyes were blood shot orbs sunken inside the hollow sockets. The Night Haunter looked down upon the broken Chaos Marine. "End my pain, end it now. Please I beg you." The dark blue armor was cracked open in many places revealing broken bone and torn entrails split from the wounds. His bare hand slipped into his Primarch’s squeezing with the last of his strength.

"My son it pains me to see you so. It was I whom should have died not you." He gripped Talos’ hand tightly in return.

"Beware she has a Druchii artifact that shields her." Talos’ torn body spasmed as he convulsed. Black tears of blood dripped down from his eyes. His teeth were broken, some missing ... "She said we are like a fish in a bowl of water and can’t see beyond it." Slowly Talos began to ripple in form before the Night Haunter then he saw her again. "Truly you are mad." she said as her hand slipped free from his loose grip. "The Emperor tried to love you, he did but you have not even one redeeming value." The Sword struck straight and true punching through the bottom of his jaw shredding the Night Haunter’s brain. His eyes rolled back. Next M’Shen slipped a steel garrote around his neck and pulled hard severing the head from the shoulders.

Grasping the head by the hair she held it up high. There was no one to witness her victory but herself.

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