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Sunday, April 07, 2019

Extermantius - Part 10 - Executioner’s Song

Wreaths of coiling burning Promethium split into the bottom chamber igniting the purestrains just before they could charge. Tyrion stepped into the conflagration and looked upon the very last of the enemy. They were corrupted and twisted by the alien strain... their bony heads bloated and throbbing. The Ancient could feel their collectively repressed psychic power bleating in abject anger denied by the Pariah geneseed within him. Thick gouts of black blood dripped steadily from their nostrils as he watched the swollen pulsating veins engulfing their tiny skulls. His veterans began to fill the chamber stepping across the ashes and cinders left in remains of the razed genestealers. One by one each of the Magos were brought to their knees and chained to the rock beneath them. Arghus silently poured vials of oil on everyone of them then the Deathwatch Kill Team stepped back away from the mutants.

"You have been found guilty of the utmost treason. Punishment is death by cleansing flame." said Tyrion as he ignited a torch. He then stepped forward and brought it down upon the hulking figure of the Patriarch. It screamed in intense pain as the flame engulfed the villain. One by one each of the magos were incinerated, the remaining ones forces to watch as each of their compatriots was burnt alive.

Finally there was only one left remaining. Argonaut grasped his limbs within his power fist and began to slowly grind the very bones against each other, snapping every limb one by one. "Please have mercy." gasped the last magos as his black bloated tongue rasped and saliva drooled down his wrinkled face. The Salamander laughed as he began to tear off its arms. The magos screamed again.

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