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Saturday, October 08, 2016

Justice and Punishment; a tale of the Joy Division

Captain Arwent of the Huscarls watched in silence from the bunker as the fighting continued outside. Some of the renegades fired their auto guns into innocent civilians while others began to unlimber their chainblades revving the teeth. Crying out in agony those innocent still alive deplored to the members of the Joy Division, tears, sweat and blood pouring down their thin grimy faces.

"We are not to engage as per orders of the Lord Militant." said the human advisor attached to the Huscarls. His voice was whiny and he spoke with an air of authority. "Once our task has been decided we can then follow his orders."

"Does it not bother you to watch loyal citizens of the Emperor slain in cold blood?" asked Arwent.

"It is not for us to question the command of the Lord Militant." replied the advisor. "For he knows how we can best serve the Imperium." The human snorted as he ran his broken fingernails through his greasy hair then pulled his cap back on tight.

Arwent turned to face him directly staring down at the advisor. "Brothers I smell the taint of a coward in our midst." His eyes were dark with anger and flashed. "Brother Artor open the hatch."

The advisor squealed "No!"

Arwent opened his left gauntlet then slapped him across the face breaking teeth. "I have seen enough. This is an act of high treason." His gauntlet shot out catching the advisor by the jacket collar and threw him out into the street. A group of renegades immediately fell upon the prone body.

"Help me!" cried the advisor as the enemy descended upon him.

The terminators slowly emerged from the bunker spreading out into the street heading towards where the fight was most fierce. Artor primed his plasma blaster leveling it at another cluster of renegades. Slowly his armored trigger finger activated the firing rune. Blue sparks emitted from the plasma coils as a wave of searing energy erupted from the twin muzzles engulfing the traitors. Their screams were quickly muted by the implosion. Captain Arwent lifted his stormshield as he stepped in front of a group of nearby civilians. He heard the cries of the advisor. A mass of projectiles from auto guns harmlessly pattered off the bonded ceramite. "Into the bunker." he said steering away the innocent.

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