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Blood Vow

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Friday, October 28, 2016

Black Vengeance - Part V

The double moons were crossing over the zenith seemingly nixing each other, one a bright green and the other a dull red. The air stank of the rot and Death Guard lingered over the small space left upon the landing field. The third moon shone like a sapphire high above the broken plains. Night Lords wrestled with each other vying for placement towards the front rank. Traitor veterans from Ivstann filled the open ground waiting in anticipation of the few remaining Templars.

"We shall tear them from limb to limb." shouted a Son of Horus.

From the tunneled earth emerged a yellow brethren of loyalist creed. Every gun swung towards the new target in focus. Plasma, Volkite and bolter rounds fired together in unison eradicating the terminator. Together they howled as one. Arwent then emerged followed closely by his cadre. Their storm shields locked together as they stepped into waiting death. There was an inhuman cry from the swollen ranks of traitors as they all surged forward. The Huscarls kneeled down together then Arwent thumbed the beacon sending an electromagnetic pulse up into the dark sky. Almost simultaneously in answer the Phalanx fired the first bombardment.

Livid fire bright red reined down imploding upon the traitors. The super heated mega blast melted rock and stone alike vanquishing a third of the traitors in one fell swoop.

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