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Blood Vow

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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Black Vengeance - Part 6

There came the subsonic scream as a bright red Storm Eagle raced over the open ground followed by two Fire Raptors. The gunships poured their fire power into the traitors shredding those caught out in the open. The rear hatch of the Storm Eagle then opened revealing a host of Blood Angel assault Marines who dove into the fray. They were lead by another Marine clad in pitch black plates of ceramite armor brandishing a long sword. The Blood Angels bound over rock and stubble smashing into the rear of the traitor horde. Driving the tip of his fractal edged sword down into the helm of an Emperor's Children the blade ignited upon contact splitting the traitor in twain. The heavy form of a Leviathan detached itself from the rear grapple of the Storm Eagle launching itself into the fray. It leveled its claws pumping hot burning plasma into the enemy then the metal behemoth strode into the melee pulverizing the closest traitors.

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