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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Black Vengeance - a tale of the Joy Division - Part 2

Catching the hidden serpent...

"So many brothers lost in the blink of an eye." said Captain Arwent. "The explosion was an act of sabotage. "Xiphon and I both were monitoring the comm link to our pilot and the servitors... there was no ranged anti-air attacks targeting the Storm Eagle when the cockpit was destroyed.

"Xiphon check the status of our battle suits." Arwent growled. "I believe there is a traitor amongst us."

Artur immediately broke from the group activating his thunderhammer and raising his shield.

"Lock Artur's suit now." commanded Arwent. The Techmarine spoke a disarming sequence into his vox. Artur came to a grinding halt now trapped within his terminator armor. His arm carrying the thunderhammer slowly fell to his side and his shield lowered.

Arwent reached out grabbing Artur's helm violently wrenching it away. The fingers of his armored gauntlets pried upon Artur's mouth then he reached inside grasping at the traitor' tongue. "The serpent must be silenced." said the Captain of the Huscarls as he ripped out the tongue flinging the torn flesh to the ground. Frothing blood and bile gushed up from the traitor's mouth spilling out down his chin coating the bright yellow gorget. "This serpent is an Alpha Legionnaire." Arwent informed the rest of his Cadre. "You can and still will serve our division."

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