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Monday, October 03, 2016

Fire in the Hole

Dense ropey black tendrils unfurled from the raging fire rolling up the hard rocky flank of the gigantic hill. An electronic horn blared from within the conflagration hidden within the deep black fog. Along the crest of the hill pale spotted genestealers scuttled along the stone ridge, their numbers continually swelling then the massive horde broke quickly descending towards the approaching darkness. Bolter fire erupted from within the wall of flame separating the two forces bursting apart the first line of xenos... for every genestealer splayed two more would fill the ever shrinking gap.

Stepping out from the burning flame the black chassis of a Leviathan emerged. The metal monstrosity unleashed its storm cannon exploding a genestealer with each and every shot. Trickles of super heated fire traced along the edges of the behemoth as it strode into a sprint up the steep incline. Smashing into the horde it's iron clad boots stomped down hard crushing the spiney enemy into pulp. It's wrecker claw then opened like the petals of a flower revealing a Nova flamer. The tip burned bright blue then an elongated loping tongue of burning Promethium erupted instantaneously scalding to death the closest ranks crumbling to black burnt ash.

A pair of twin Broodlords emerged from the horde leaping straight up at the dreadnaught. It caught the first one in midair snipping it in twain with the razor sharp edges of the wrecker claw. The second Broodlord managed to land upon the hull standing upright in open defiance. Flipping upon the ground the Leviathan rolled about catching it between its hull and the rocky ground instantly pulverizing it as well. It then righted itself brushing aside the swarming horde. Its electronic horn blared again to contest the Hive Mind as it strode unimpeded further up. An eerie alien scream answered back as the Leviathan crested the top of the rocky hill. The pilot looked about from right to left... everywhere open ground was covered by xenos spore. Drop pods rained down from the sky above smashing the enemy like a steeled gloved fist.

The Leviathan was impervious to the genestealer horde wading through their vast teeming numbers unleashing another burning gout of super heated flame. Hissing sounds wheezed out from the scalded carapaces as their innards boiled inside. Bristling with hate a large Tyranid monstrity came forward up the back side of the hill. Rocket missiles came swirling down targeting the behemoth in acid rain. The horde leapt into their path intercepting sure death. Arming its Volkite Culverins the dreadnaught fired into an unimpeded path carefully picking exposed gaps in the ever surging alien line. The Tyranid monstrity screamed in pain swinging its gigantic bone swords striking unintendedly into the surrrounding genestealers. Limbering its storm cannon again the dreadnaught fired in closing range.

The ground quaked as the two giants crashed into each other. Catching a pair of limbs the Wrecker claw closed hard sheering them from the xenos beast. The bone swords clacked upon the ground as the detached claws spasmed open then closed again. Nova fired snaked out coating the alien behemoth in searing flame. Striking back in vain the two remaining bone swords flailed against the void hardened armor. Again the electronic horn boomed in reply. Stepping over the burnt husk of the dying giant the Leviathan continued its path of death down the hill.

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