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Monday, October 17, 2016

How I really feel about Alpha Legion

Somebody asked me how I feel about Alpha Legion. I will say right now they have no redeeming values and should have been purged along with the II and XI legions. I have found people who play Alpha Legion are the biggest cry babies... you know the ones who still feel entitled to a 3.5 edition codex.

A new novel was recently released by Black Library for Imperial Fists and Alpha Legion players had to ruin it for everyone else immediately releasing spoilers about the end. It's a long book and I can't think of a more douche bag maneuver but this level of lowness is what I have come to expect of this sort of player... fuck them.

Alpha Legion is actually the most hated legion ever. It was the last legion and probably the worst ever conceived. Both Alpharius and Omegan were both slain by loyalist Primarchs and rightly so. The Bolter and Chainsword forums will now automatically delete any thread with cloning conspiracy theories about Alpharius. This is the way it should be... bitter trolls have no place in 30k.

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