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Blood Vow

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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Black Vengeance - Part 4

Captain Arwent lead his small team through a maze of giant rock interweaving the inner overlapping corridors hidden within the inky black shadow. "We have been here together before my brothers. The enemy is just around the bend waiting. What was to be a massed assault is now down to just us. We can give our lives to the glory of mankind, Rogal Dorn and the Emperor. Death is but an open gate to new a new beginning... an unknown and I will greet it gladly. Our spirit is incorruptible and eternal unlike the traitor amongst our rank who sold his sold for the sorry cost of pride. Like the great Phoenix that rose from the burning ash we also will rise again. We are bound together throughout the endless cycle of life and death.'' The Captain paused for a moment to adjust his auto senses. ''Each traitor we kill here is one less that will assault our beloved Terra. This our dearest task. I love you all. This is our utter destiny.''

As they came to end of the hidden path there rose the braying sound of endless night. Ice cold wind sharp as a fresh hewn razor cut through the void flowing around their thick armor. The Huscarls and Xiphon clutched their weapons tight ready to embrace the trap.

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