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Friday, February 05, 2016

Why 13th Company is Hit or Miss

There's lots of fan boys for Space Marines but according to gospel every chapter has had traitor turncoats except for Grey Knights. You might ask what's so special about Grey Knights. Well at the time when the chapter was first created the Imperium had turncoats literally breathing down their necks and the Heresy easily could have gone either way. Both the Emperor and Horus made some really bad decisions down the line. Except for the extreme bravery and fierce loyalty displayed by Legions such as the Blood Angels and White Scars the bad decisions are what really decided the outcome. When push comes to shove no one in their right mind really wants a dictator calling the shots.

Grey Knights were created partially from loyal Marines taken from the traitor Legions such as Garro... So loyal and integral they would rather face an awful death before ever even thinking turning to Chaos... That in and of itself is tremendously powerful. Anything created in such an extreme condition is bound to either succeed or fail. Now like I said every other chapter has their share of traitors which fell for whatever reason. The fan boys loath this to the point of denial. If you look at the background behind the Space Wolves they have a total of 13 companies and the 13th company is explicitly noted for failing vows of fealty. This was an extremely smart move on the part of the Space Wolves as they were able to effectively lump together all their own traitors into one distinct group.

The Space Wolves are one of the few chapters that still operate very close to full the full strength of the original Legion. Their only successor chapter was the epic failure known as the Wolf Brothers whom succumbed to the inherent curse of their geneseed. Note that the Wulfen much like the Blood Angels Death Company arise from throughout their rank and file. While the fan boys don't want to admit it some of the Wulfen succumbed to their very feral nature taking them over to the dark side. Of course there are Wulfen too that are still true to the very core and stand in direct opposition to Chaos by the power of pure will even though they are both tainted and mutated. The fan boys hate on the new models because it reflects the true nature of these beasts. It is what it is and is very extreme. Wulfen have no rightful place to reside other than the warp. Their very form shows their true nature. It is the Wulfen that remain loyal that truly make the difference.

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