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Saturday, February 06, 2016

New Rites of War for Horus Heresy

Generic Rites of War

Armoured Breakthrough: Predator squads are compulsory troops, Sicarians as Elites, no fortifications / immobile units / units without transports

Primarchs Chosen: Primarch is HQ and not LoW, Veterans and Terminators as Compulsory Troops.

Brethren of Iron: Castellax as non-compulsory troops, Vorax as fast attack and Domitar as Elites but requires a Forge Lord / Iron Father / Warsmith

Fury of the Ancients: Dreadnought and Contemptor Dreadnought Talons as Compulsory Troops, but are no longer Elites. Need a Forge Lord and Primus Medicae, and can't seine the initiative

Outcast Sons: meant for small detachments of traitor loyalists, very circumstantial, not great bonuses.

Sky Hunter Phallanx: Jetbikes as Troops, and can voluntarily leave the table to be placed into ongoing reserves. Infantry can only be on Jetbikes or transports with the flyer rule.

Orphans of Betrayl: like Outcast sons but for loyalist traitors

Drop Assault Vanguard: compulsory troops can only be assault squads, half of which must be enter through deep strike. Only take units that can deploy through Deep strike or embarked on a Flyer transport.

Legion Recon Company: recon squads are compulsory troops, all models deployed using scout or infiltrate also gain shrouded during first turn. No termite armour or heavy support choices.

Zone Mortalis Assault Force: terminators as non compulsory troops, breacher squads with all models in base contact get bonuses to Invulnerable save

Sacrificial Offering: all models gain outflank and must begin in reserve from the primary detachment. An allied detachment must be taken, has stubborn whilst in own deployment zone, and have no VP if destroyed. Traitor only.

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