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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Can pure Khorne be competitive ?

So the question posed is can a pure Khorne be competitive ? This means they must be able to beat eldar shenanigans and Battle Company in missions using Maelstrom as one of the objectives. Yesterday I posted a 2000 point Khorne Daemonkin (KDK) list that I played today versus Tyranids. While Tyranids are not top tier they are not a slouch by any means either. The list I posted can easily be paired down to 1850 points... For example I brought a squad of Berzerkers mounted in a landraider just because I still like them. I also fielded a Greater Brass Scorpion (GBS) which is a super point sink but also very effective.

I really like the new codex - Khorne is one of my favorite Chaos powers and it's easy to generate enough Blood Tithe points each turn for Feel No Pain across the entire army which I think in general is the best boon on the table. All of the Warlord traits are really good... Today I got one that allows friendly units within 12" to re roll failed charges which was pivotal more than once. I'm not a fan of any of the formations and much prefer to simply run a combined arms detachment (CAD).

Khorne is all about assault not simply running around scoring Maelstrom points. Personally I abhor the MSU approach to KDK and to me it's not surprising they didn't fair well at the Los Vegas Open (LVO) last weekend. You should be destroying enemy units as opposed to losing your own units to generate Blood Tithe points.

My list features a hammer and anvil approach to designing the army. The two Chaos Lords attach to a large squad of Flesh Hounds for the hammer and the GBS is the anvil. Ideally you should have the two units on either side of the enemy force to catch them in between. This a good counter to eldar Warp Spiders as they will be caught by either one with no place to run as the game progresses. The two Chaos Lords are your heavy hitters along with the GBS and the Flesh Hounds provide a ton of ablative wounds.

If you want to take the army to the next level then a second CAD or allied detachment featuring Belakor and Horrors to shore up more warp charge plus a bike mounted Sorcerer is a fantastic addition since you buff the dogstar or GBS with Invisbility and possibly Endurance. The latter psychic power is great for Flesh Hounds since they become Eternal Warrior and have a 4+ Feel No Pain so the enemy can't one shot them with instant death attacks. There are other great buffs too like Curzed Earth for +1 to your invulnerable saves.

So the answer to the question is yes in my opinion - it's just that people have been doing it wrong.

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