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Monday, February 22, 2016

Genestealers vs. 30k Space Marines

I posted my list in the last post if you're interested. The goal was to create a micro environment loosely based upon Space Hulk featuring a lot of terrain with tight corridors on a 4x4 area. The Tyranid table had spores and gigantic glowing crystals erupting from the flooring to set the mood.

My two games were versus World Eaters and Salamanders. This wasn't a tournament - just a day set aside to roll dice and have some fun. Both of my opponents were a heck of a lot to play too.

Both games were very close. The World Eater army had an excellent theme with lots of hard hitting melee units including the fierce Red Butchers which are very scary. The Salamanders had Fire Drakes and a Contemptor. Both armies had a Praetor which is one heck of an awesome HQ and packs a super punch.

I deployed the same both games - the two Genestealer broods with Broodlords infiltrated behind cover close to the Marines. The Tyranid Prime attached to the other Genestealer brood and outflanked, the Deathleaper deep striked. The Malenthrope deployed normally during setup in a position to provide its amazing buffs where needed most... On table with so much terrain it was very easy to have a 2+ cover save. The Malenthrope is just an amazing unit designed by Forge World !

The first game versus World Eaters my opponent deployed his squishy units in front of his harder hitting units which I was able to exploit using old school guerilla tactics taking out the squishy units and avoiding his Praetor and Red Butchers. The Red Butchers ended up controlling the central objective but I held three lesser objectives and scored First Blood for a narrow win.

The second game versus Salamanders my opponent shrewdly deployed the Fire Drakes and Contemptor up front to screen his tactical Marines so I couldn't avoid them. The Tyranid Prime took out the Contemptor on the charge with some support from the genestealers which was definitely an epic gaming moment. However the Praetor and Fire Drakes proved to be more resilient holding the central objective which I managed to contest the final turn and it ended in a draw.

My MVPs were the Tyranid Prime and Malenthrope.

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