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Sunday, February 07, 2016

New Rules for Heresy Legions

Emperor's Children

- All models with the LA rule gain +1 initiative on the charge
- Sonic shriekers are now -1WS to enemy models in base contact which aren't immune to fear. Effects the full length of the combat (not just first round), not just if you charge
- Phoenix terminators are WS5
- Cacophony weapons are heavy 2 now

Iron Warriors

- Iron Circle added
- Tyrant Seige terminator squads now heavy support choices

Imperial Fists

- Phalanx Warder squads 'shield wall' rule fixed, now confers +1WS instead of +1I
- Dorn's chainsaw has 'unwieldy' replaced with 'reaping blow' (see DG section)

Night Lords

- 'From the Shadows' confers 5+ cover save now
- 'Talent for Murder' confers +1 to hit and wound now
- Rerror squads gain 'precision strike
- Sevatar has his additional psyker rules from the FAQ added to his profile, also gains precision strike

Iron Hands

- no changes

World Eaters

- 'Blood Lust' is now on a 4+
- Previous version of 'Incarnate Violence' replaced with may re-roll 1's to wound on the turn they charge


- no changes

Death Guard

- May re-roll dangerous terrain tests, regardless of what the terrain is
- Instead of forcing successful rolls to wound with poison and fleshbane, DG get FNP(4+) instead
- Power scythes lose unwieldy and the ability to replace attack value with number of enemy models in base contact with the following -

'reaping blow': -1 initiative, if in base contact with more than one model at their initiative step, they gain +1 attack

- Grave Warden toxin rule replaced with 'poison (3+)' on death cloud and grenade launcher
- Deathshroud can be taken as a HQ or elites choice, plus as a command squad for a terminator praetor or Mortarion
- Mortarion's scythe is no longer unwieldy, replaced with 'reaping blow'
- Mortarion's witch spite only affects malediction powers affecting him or his squad

Sons of Horus

- Gain 'death dealer' to their legiones astartes rule -

+1BS if shooting at an enemy within 12" with a pistol, rapid fire or assault weapon, doesn't effect snap fire, overwatch or fury of the legion shots

- Justearin terminators start at 255 pts for 5 men, may still take upto 7 additional men. they now have 2 wounds
- Abaddon has precision strike

Word Bearers

- no changes


- Viredrakes are now 60 pts each and only 1 wound each

Raven Guard

- Mor deythan are 10pts more expensive at base cost (additional men are still same price)
- all Dark Furies have raven talons by default, no price increase
- Dark Firy sergeant gains 'precision strike
- kaedes nex gains precision shots

Alpha Legion

- Saboteur's sabotage attack now AP3 against things with a toughness value, and AP2 against vehicles
- Headhunters come with combi-bolters as standard, may upgrade them to combi-weapons for the same cost as terminators
- Headhunters replace 'preferred enemy' with 'precision shots'

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