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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Casual versus Competitve

As always these days I continually hear griping about the struggles between casual and competitive players to be able to have a game both enjoy together. I am a competitive gamer so obviously I have some bias. My experience has always been in one versus one games both players will play competitively irregardless of lists. I have played in 'casual' leagues and tournaments - it's always been the same and wow those casual players know how to bring the cheese. These games have often come down to luck and mistakes. I guess the casual players lacking more competitive experience are more prone to make more mistakes and competitive players tend to be unforgiving. They have solid lists that can counter mine but their mistakes tend to decide the outcome. I've also watched games where the casual opponent could have won but choked in the last couple turns.

I like an environment where you can simply play what you like to play and enjoy it. Campaigns and mega battles are good settings for casual play. Some of the nicest people I've met who play 40k are casual players... They helped me with the rules and pointed out mistakes letting me change a decision - these are things that would be hard for a competitive player to do. A competitive player wants the win more. I don't blame them but we can learn from the more casual players. My best memories from major events was playing campaigns.

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