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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Khorne Army List [1850]

Here is an 1850 point army list featuring Khorne Daemonkin and the Crimson Slaughter. It features lots of units that are common to my Khornate builds. There's no psychic but it would be easy to incorporate into the list. I'd take a level 3 Sorceror with no mark mounted on a bike and attach him to the Flesh Hounds along with the two Chaos Lords. If you want more psychic then an allied detachment of Chaos Daemons lead by Belakor and eleven Pink Horrors will do the trick... Of course if you go this route you'll have to obviously drop some of the other units to make room such as the Crimson Slaughter Chaos Lord.

+++ Khorne (1850) +++

++ Codex: Khorne Daemonkin (Combined Arms Detachment) (680) ++

+ HQ (200) +

Chaos Lord (200)
Goredrinker - Juggernaut of Khorne - Power Fist - Sigil of Corruption

Unit Type: Cavalry

+ Troops (160) +

Bloodletters (80)
8x Bloodletters

Unit Type: Infantry

Bloodletters (80)
8x Bloodletters

Unit Type: Infantry

+ Fast Attack (320) +

Flesh Hounds (320)
20x Flesh Hounds

Unit Type: Beasts

++ Chaos Space Marines: Crimson Slaughter (Combined Arms Detachment) (1170) ++

+ HQ (225) +

Chaos Lord (225) /Warlord
Daemonheart - Juggernaut of Khorne - Lightning Claw - Mark of Khorne - Melta Bombs - Power Fist - Sigil of Corruption - The Slaughterer’s Horns

Unit Type: Cavalry (Character)

+ Troops (395) +

Chaos Space Marines (173)
4x Chaos Space Marines - Flamer - Icon of Wrath
4x Bolt Pistol - 4x Boltgun - 4x Close Combat Weapon
Aspiring Champion - Power Axe
Chaos Rhino - Dozer Blade - Extra Armour

Aspiring Champion: Unit Type: Infantry (Character)

Chaos Space Marine: Unit Type: Infantry

Khorne Berzerkers (Troops) (222)
7x Khorne Berzerker - Icon of Wrath
Berzerker Champion - Lightning Claw - Melta Bombs - Power Fist

Berserker Champion: Unit Type: Infantry (Character)

Khorne Berserker: Unit Type: Infantry

+ Fast Attack (100) +

Chaos Dreadclaw Drop Pod (100)

BS:- |Front:12|Side:12|Rear:12|HP:3|

Type: Vehicle (Hover, Flyer)

+ Lord of War (450) +

Chaos Typhon (450)
Armoured Ceramite - Dirge Casters - Dreadhammer Siege Cannon - Lascannon Sponsons(40pts)

Legacy of Ruin: First War of Armageddon

BS:4 |Front:14|Side:14|Rear:14|HP:6|

Type: Super-Heavy Vehicle

Dreadhammer Siege Cannon:
Type: Primary Weapon 1 - Massive Blast (7") - Ignores Cover

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