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Friday, December 11, 2015

Two Tribes go to war • 40k batrep vs Salamanders (1850)

Time again for another written battle report ! This report features my Two Tribes army consisting of Space Wolves and the Librarius Conclave (White Scars).

Note that I dropped Armor Indomitus from one of the White Scar Librarians so I could kit the Stormfang with multi-melta sponsons and a lascannon.

+++ Wolf Lords (1846) +++

++ Space Wolves: Codex (2014) (SW Company of the Great Wolf Detachment) (1466) ++

+ HQ (750) +

Rune Priest (145)
Melta Bombs - Psychic Hood - Rune Axe - Bike
Psyker Mastery Level 2 - Divination: Prescience/Forwarning/Scryer's Gaze

Wolf Lord (230) /Warlord
Belt of Russ - The Pelt of Balewolf - Thunderwolf - Runic Armour - Storm Shield - Thunder Hammer

Wolf Lord (220)
Belt of Russ - Thunderwolf - Runic Armour - Storm Shield - Thunder Hammer

Wolf Priest (155)
Crozius Arcanum - Healing Balms - Melta Bombs - Wolf Amulet - Bike

+ Elites (325) +

Arjac Rockfist, Grimnar's Champion (115)
Anvil Shield - Foehammer - Terminator Armour

Iron Priest (135)
Bolter - 2x Cyberwolf - Runic Armour - Servo-Arm - Thunder Hammer - Thunderwolf

Iron Priest (75)
Bolter - Runic Armour - Servo-Arm - Thunder Hammer - Bike

+ Troops (171) +

Grey Hunters (171)
6x Grey Hunter
5x Bolt Pistol, 4x Bolter - 6x Close Combat Weapon - Meltagun - Plasma Pistol
Drop Pod

+ Heavy Support (220) +

Stormfang Gunship (220)
2x Stormstrike Missile - 2x Twin-linked Multi-Melta - Twin Linked Lascannon - Armoured Ceramite - Helfrost Destructor

++ Space Marines: Codex (2015) (Formation Detachment) (345) ++

+ (No Category) +

Chapter Tactics * [White Scars]

+ Formation (380) +

Librarius Conclave * (345)

Librarian (165)
Mastery Level 2 - Telepathy: Psychic Shriek/Terrify/Invisibility
Force Axe - Melta Bombs - Bike

Librarian (115)
Mastery Level 2 - Biomancy: Smite/Haemorage/Warp Speed
Force Axe - Melta Bombs - Bike

Librarian (115)
Mastery Level 2 - Santic: Banishment/Hammerhand/Vortex of Doom
Force Axe - Melta Bombs - Bike

My opponent (very cool and fun guy) was running a Salamanders Demi Company lead by Vulkan. I don't have his army list but it looked something like this...

Vulkan /Warlord

3x Centurion Devastator - Grav Cannons & Grav Amps

10x Sternguard - 5x Combi-Melta & 5x Combi-Flamer
Drop Pod - Locator Beacon

5x Assault Terminator - Thunder Hammers & Stormshields

10x Tactical Marine - Multi-Melta & Flamer
Drop Pod - Locator Beacon

10x Tactical Marine - Multi-Melta & Flamer
Drop Pod - Locator Beacon

10x Tactical Marine - Multi-Melta & Plasmagun
Razorback (Twin Linked Heavy Bolter)

Stormraven - Twin Linked Lascannon - Twin Linked Multi-Melta - Hurricane Bolter Sponsons /Terminators

Landspeeder - Typhoon Missile Launcher - Heavy Bolter

Drop Pod /Vulkan & Devasator Centurions

The mission was The Relic with Dawn of War for deployment. I won the roll to go first deploying my Two Tribes inside a ruin situated in the center of my deployment zone.

My opponent deployed the tactical squad with the razorback - combat squading them with the multi-melta back in one corner, the razorback with the other combat squad in the center and his Landspeeder over in his other corner... He had plenty of reserves to come in the first turn!

My warlord trait granted night fight which turned out to be quite help since my opponent managed to sieze the initiative....

1st Turn - Salamanders
In from reserves came the Sternguard and two full squads of tactical marines via drop pods - note all three Salamander units split into combat squads. The Sternguard and one tactical unit podded down to my right with the tactical squad scattering back a good way. The other tactical squad dropped in front. The razorback scooted up 6" and the combat squad inside disembarked. The Landspeeder moved over to my side of the table for better line of sight.

Lots of shooting ! When the smoke cleared one of my Wolf Lords (non warlord) lost two wounds, one Cyberwolf was shot down and my Wolf Priest lost a wound. The night fight rule really helped to weather the storm of fire for the 3+ cover save inside the ruin - my opponent did not use his razorback to spotlight Two Tribes.

1st Turn - Two Tribes
My drop pod comes down empty and sticks its landing right beside the Relic. I then split off the wounded Wolf Lord with the Iron Priest biker to handle the Sternguard and tactical marines over to my right while the rest of Two Tribes remain intact surging forward to deal with the forward tactical marines.

Invisibility goes up first then using Terrify, Shriek and Smite I ace one of the tactical combat squads for First Blood. The wounded Wolf Lord and Iron Priest biker declare a multi charge into the Sternguard and tactical marines... The Wolf Lord loses another wound to Overwatch then they smash the majority of both units and catch them when they break. Two Tribes charge next taking down both of the tactical combat squads up front then consolidate towards the middle of the table closer to the Relic.

2nd Turn - Salamanders
In from reserves comes Vulkan and his Devastator Centurions along with the Stormraven carrying the assault terminators. Vulkan drops in back a safe distance from Two Tribes while the Stormraven comes in over to my left. The remaining Sternguard and tactical combat squads from the first drop over to my right move into position to join in the ongoing assault over there. The tactical combat squad in the razorback disembark and grab the Relic while the Landspeeder moves in for better line of sight again.

Shooting then commences with everything focused on the invisible Two Tribez. One of the Librarians suffers a wound along with the remaining Cyberwolf. The Wolf Lord also loses two wounds as well.

The Sternguard and tactical Marines charge into the ongoing assault... Only a few mansge to survive from one squad whom break and manage to run away. The Wolf Lord and Iron Priest biker then consolidate towards Vulkan and the Devastator Centurions.

2nd Turn - Two Tribes
In from reserve comes the Stormfang carrying Arjac and the Grey Hunters lining up sight on the Stormraven. Two Tribes gather around the enemy flyer in preparation for its destruction. The Wolf Lord and Iron Priest biker pull up beside Vulkan the devcents.

Shooting from the Stormfang strips two hull points from the jinking Stormraven and immobilizes the razorback.

Invisibility is successfully cast first on Two Tribes then the combination of Shriek, Terrify and Smite drops one of the devcents.

Two Tribes surges forward again in the assault phase deleting another combat squad and a drop pod. The Wolf Lord and Iron Priest biker then assault Vulkan and the two remaining devcents. The Iron Priest biker is slain along with the last of the devcents but Vulkan makes it through locked in combat with the Wolf Lord.

3rd Turn - Salamanders
It's getting late so we agree this will be the last turn.

The Stormraven goes into hover mode dispatching the assault terminators. The combat squad holding the Relic moves back away from the ensuing melee.

One last shooting phase from the Salamanders manages to put one one wound on every Psyker in Two Tribes but no models are lost.

The assault terminators then charge in losing three to Two Tribes then break and are caught. The warlord Wolf Lord takes another wound down to his last. The other Wolf Lord then crushes Vulkan and consolidates toward the Relic.

3rd Turn - Two Tribes
The Stormfang drops into hover node dispatching Arjac and the Grey Hunters. The lone Wolf Lord runs over to grab Line Breaker.

Shooting from the Stormfang manages to drop the Stormraven and the blast snipes one of the last two remaining terminators.

Invisibility is successfully cast one last time then assault commences... The Wolf Priest drops the last terminator then Arjac and his Grey Hunters charge the combat squad holding the Relic obliterating them.

MAJOR VICTORY for Two Tribes !!!

Salamanders - Line Breaker
Two Tribes - The Relic, First Blood, Slay the Warlord, Line Breaker

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