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Friday, December 25, 2015

40k Khorne vs. 30k Admech • Part 2

So the first turn is over which was mostly a movement based turn for both sides. Admech has pushed forward with its walkers being primarily a melee army. My Khorne army is actually more shooty overall with the Typhon, Greater Brass Scorpion and the land raiders. I have been careful to screen the Spartan amd two Chaos land raiders so they don't get stuck in the backfield and have to foot slog into combat. My forward most unit is the Chaos Lord and Herald attached to the Flesh Hounds supported by the Chaos Contemptor.

I've seen the Admech army grind up Angron with a full retinue of Red Butchers, Samus the Daemon Prince and multiple other hard melee units all during the course of one game... It's vicious ! I didn't cover this in the pre game analysis but I intend to attack the Admech in waves and try to keep them spread apart so their units can't support each other.

I chose to flank up on my left side which has a lot of line of sight blocking terrain while the Admech army is still spread across their deployment zone. This is significant since I have more units on line ready to engage now.

Turn 2 - Admech

None of their reserves arrive this turn which is fine by me. The remains of the Urasarax move into position to shoot and assault my Flesh Hounds supported by two squads of Thallax. Both Thanatars stumble forward as well in support and will be in position to assault the next turn.

Combined shooting sees my drop pod exploded for First Blood and the Chaos Contemptor loses two of its three hull points as well.

The Urasarax then charge the Flesh Hounds. The Chaos Lord consolidates into the melee inflicts three unsaved wounds then Herald and Flesh Hounds finish them off. The Flesh Hounds consolidate forward around 5".

2nd Turn - Khorne
Kharandus' kill counter is up to three kills doubling his strength to 10. Four more kills and the fallen champion will inflect instant death with every attack !

Both squads of Bloodletters arrive from reserve dropping into the back of the enemy deployment zone - their goals are to survive and score line breaker plus serve as a distraction. The Bloodcrushers also arrive dropping behind a ruin over on my left side.

The Flesh Hounds lead by the Skull Splitter move into position to support the Chaos Contemptor while the Spartan and land raiders flank over a bit deeper to the left targeting the closest Thanatar. The Typhon and Greater Brass Scorpion both hold their ground.

Shooting from the Tyhpon deletes a full squad of Thallax. The Greater Brass Scorpion joins the first with the other tanks stripping a couple wounds from one of the Thanatars.

The Chaos Contemptor fires its inbuilt plasma blaster dropping a couple wounds on a Thallax as well.

The forces of Khorne then muster a charge. First the Contemptor finishes off one squad of Thallax then Kharandus finishes off the other squad scoring enough wounds so that he will be able to inflict instant death next turn.

The Chaos Contemptor consolidates with his back to a wall while the Flesh Hounds scoot back over to my left so as not to be in position to receive an enemy charge.

Admech - First Blood; 1 KP

Khorne - 4 KP

Turn 3 - Admech
The strike fighter along with one squad of Thallax come in from reserve deep striking into the heart of the battle. The flyer drops a bomb cluster on the Flesh Hounds and kills a couple... Still lots of Flesh Hounds left though !

The Thanatars lurch forward, one in range to tackle the Chaos Contemptor. Both Imperial Knights now move forward as well but will be out of range to charge this turn. The Admech land raider carrying the death posse rambles forward as well along with the other maniples. My opponent knows he needs to engage now - everything is fishing forward.

Shooting is focused mainly on the Flesh Hounds but due to good cover and awesome invulnerable saves I only lose a few. The wounded Thanatar closest to the Chaos Contemptor unloads its payload but either fails to inflict any damage so the walker manages to survive on its last hull point... Thank you Blood God. Admech units in the backfield focus on the Bloodletters thinning their numbers but fail to eliminate either squad.

The Thanator then charges in... The Contemptor strikes first bringing the monstrosity down to its final wound. The Thanatar strikes back inflicting two penetrating hits but I pass both invulnerable saves... Wow !

3rd Turn - Khorne
The Domitar with Graviton Hammers has managed to close the gap with my Typhon so it needs to dealt with quickly. The Flesh Hounds lead by the Skull Splitter crash out from the ruins surrounding the unwounded Thanatar. The Bloodletters move to hide benind line of sight blocking terrain. I use my Blood Tithe points for Feel No Pain this turn.

All shooting is focused on the lone Domitar which is eradicated.

The Skull Splitter and his hounds then charge the Thanatar and bring it down. The Chaos Contemtptor then just manages to finish off the other one and consolidates back into cover.

Admech - First Blood; 1 KP

Khorne: 7 KP

This has quickly escalated into a blood bath !

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