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Monday, December 14, 2015

Another Dakka Dakka turd


You received an automated warning for a single word post here:


You followed this up with a 2-word post when someone asked you about the first.

I previously sent you a PM on 9/22 that your "one liner" posts were causing problems in the tournament forum. These posts are actually a regression from those, and this style of posting has been a problem since long before that. As a result, I am suspending your account for 1 week.

If you have to be warned again for this same type of infraction in the near futrue (posts that are very short and baiting in nature, especially when you follow up with more in the same style in a thread) it will result in a longer suspension.

On a forum, we only have written words to go by (no facial cues, expressions, etc) and so it is not too much to ask that posters put more effort into making sure their points are clear and not simple posting single sentence (or in this case single word!) posts. Because this has been a pattern for you, I am asking that you make an effort
to expand on your points and make what you are saying clearer, and avoid one-liner posts that can be misinterpreted and derail threads. Even if that is not your intention, it is the end result, and we simply can't allow it to be a trend in the Tournament Forum, or really anywhere on Dakka Dakka.

Thank you for understanding and let me know if anything about this isn't clear.


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