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Sunday, December 27, 2015

40k Khorne vs. 30k Admech (5000) • Conclusion

I'm going to condense the last two turns into a final synopsis - the game went five turns and took about 7 hours to play with a 45 minute lunch break.

Both Thanatars were down for the count by the end of the third turn but there was still the two Imperial Knights, the Admech deathstar riding in their land raider and some Castellax roaming around the battlefield. Kharn and his champion took down one of the Knights and the Skull Splitter took down the other. The Admech deathstar took down the Greater Brass Scorpion and the ensuing explosion took them out as well. Abbadon and his terminators never got to see the light of day just chilling in their Spartan waiting to provide backup in case the Admech deathstar had survived the explosion from the GBS. The Bloodcrushers failed to inflict any meaningful damage but we're great for tying up the Knights for a turn or two so I could engage them with my heavy hitters.

So it ended with a big win for the forces of Khorne. The Skull Splitter was my MVP taking down a Thanatar and Imperial Knight. The Chaos Contemptor which was eventually destroyed gets honorable mention holding off the close by Admech units so that Skull Splitter could quickly boost his kill count with Gore Drinker... I think this relic is the best one in the codex ! Kharn helped to take out a Knight which is worth mention. Finally the Greater Brass Scorpion worked well as a ranged weapon platform but to be honest isn't all that great in melee since its WS3 and I3.... The amount of fire power the GBS can lay down is really good though and compliments the army well. I think next time I'll run the Kytan daemon engine instead which is a bit cheaper points wise and has better stats for melee.

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