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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Why Eldar will impact the game more than you imagined

I think the game design by GW is to go through cycles. A new über codex is released to end each cycle and start anew. Change can be painful and forces us either to adapt or withdraw. A good example is the new Wraithguard unit with D flamers - mount them in a dark eldar raider with a webway portal Archon - they can and will delete most any unit in the game with average rolls. Many people told me there's no way Wraithguard would get D flamers but they did just as I predicted after perusing the rumors just leading up to the new release. To counter this you can use cheap bubble wrap to protect your prime units, hold them in reserve, run MSU, stock up on intercepting units, or invest heavily in flyers and FMC hoping you get to go first... I'm sure there are other counters too such as a drop pod army for Space Marines or even mechIng up.

The point is if you don't adapt it could be very painful because you're going to see a lot of new eldar armies and those players wont be holding back at all. If we consider the new undercosted Wraightknight which is now a gargantuan creature it has FNP and is immune to instant death so you'll you have to delete it one wound after another.

I'm already wondering what will come next to counter the new eldar. D weapons are the antithesis of Necrons as they get no save at all. The T5 Wraiths with RP sounded great up until just now - right ? Spreading out for maximum coherency will also help as a counter and could be the best approach to squaring off versus the new eldar.

So the previous cycle began with the advent of seventh edition - Orks, Dark Eldar, Grey Knights then finally Blood Angels were all debuffed only to await this new release of the eldar. Many of us hoped foolishly that eldar would be debuffed but the writing is on the wall and it didn't happen... In fact the exact opposite occurred.

We must accept the change and adapt.

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