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Sunday, April 19, 2015

40k Batrep: BikeStar vs. Rogue Space Wolves and Chaos Daemons (ATC Mission)

The Inquisition has sent an Imperial decree to Chapter Master Kadorr of the Storm Lords that a rogue detachment of Space Wolves have been located within their sector and must be terminated with extreme prejudice. Wolf Lord Arn of the Iron Wolves Great Company will join them in the hunt with his personal cadre to assist. The rogue element has been reported consorting with daemons from the warp. A swift message must be sent to serve as an example for all !

Yesterday I had a practice game for the ATC fielding my BikeStar...

Storm Lords CAD - White Scars chapter tactics
Chapter Master - Bike - Auspex - Artificer Armor - Power Fist - Shield Eternal /Warlord

Librarian (Level 2) - Bike - Force Axe - Meltabombs

Command Squad
Bikes - 4x Meltabombs - 4x Grav Gun - 4x Stormshield - Company Banner - Thunderhammer

5x Biker - 2x Grav Gun
Attack Bike - Multi-Melta
Sergeant - Combi Grav - Meltabombs

5x Biker - 2x Grav Gun
Attack Bike - Multi-Melta
Sergeant - Combi Grav - Meltabombs

Iron Wolves Detachment Company of the Great Wolf
Wolf Lord - Thunderwolf Mount - Runic Armor - Thunderhammer - Stormshield

Rune Priest (Level 2) - Bike - Runic Armor - Force Axe - Meltabombs

Iron Priest - Bike

Iron Priest - Thunderwolf Mount - 2x Cyberwolf

9x Grey Hunter - 7x chainsword - 2x Meltagun - Power Axe
Wolf Guard - Stormshield - Power Fist

Here is my opponent's list to the best of my memory:

Space Wolves CAD
Rune Priest (Level 2) - Rune Axe /Warlord

Rune Priest (Level 2) - Rune Axe

Rune Priest (Level 2) - Rune Sword

Rune Priest (Level 2) - Rune Staff

8x Grey Hunter - Plasmagun

x Grey Hunter - Meltagun

x Grey Hunter - Flamer

Chaos Daemons CAD
Lord of Change (Level 3) - Staff (+2S) - Grimoire of True Names


13x Horror - Icon

13x Horror - Icon

I did not record all the spells and rewards for my opponent's army because there were so many ! He did have 19 warp charges (WOW) and lots of spells from the Daemonology summoning lore. He also got Vortex of Doom !!!

My psychic powers were as follows:

Librarian - Psychic Shriek - Invisibility - Shrouding (Telepathy)

Rune Priest - Prescience - Forewarning - Precognition

My Warlord trait was the one from the strategic table granting +1 cover in ruins. Night fight was in effect the first turn.

The ATC mission was as follows:

Primary 1 - Purge the Alien
Primary 2 - Seek and Destroy - select three enemy units and destroy them
Kingslayer - Slay the Warlord

Seek and Destroy you win if you kill more of your chosen enemy units than your opponent. Kingslayer you win if you kill your opponent's warlord while yours survives. You can draw on all three primary goals.

I chose the three rhinos for Seek and Destroy. My opponent chose the Grey Hunters, drop pod and a biker squad.

The secondary goals were as follows:

First Blood
Line Breaker
Last Blood

Deployment was Dawn of War. My opponent won both rolls to choose his deployment zone and go first.

This should be interesting... No holding any objectives - just smash face which is what my army does best !

My opponent's army doesn't have much shooting besides some of the psychic powers so I can move about freely. He does start the game with roughly five times as much warp charge so I'll be rolling primarily for Invisibility and using my warp charge to deny his maledictions. I'm not really worried about m─Ślee with either of the greater daemons versus BikeStar and Grey Hunters can actually do okay if he manages to engage them.

The three rogue Rune Priests act as a warp battery for daemon summoning and other psychic shenanigans. Hopefully over the course of the game I can whittle down his numbers.


My opponent places his three rhinos side by side along his table edge with his two greater daemons in ruins and the Horrors on either flank.

I deploy in a corner. I was considering holding one biker squad in reserve then decided to put everything on the table except the Grey Hunters in the drop Pod. I'll have a turn to see what he summons then surge forward.

I roll to seize but fail.

1st Turn - Space Wolves and Chaos Daemons
Both greater daemons take to the air swooping ahead while the rhinos hold their ground. The Horrors move forward a bit.

My opponent summons squads of Bloodletters and Seekers during his psychic phase.

1st Turn - BikeStar
The drop pod comes in and I land it beside a multi level ruin in my corner close to all my bikes. The Grey Hunters will run to move behind the ruins. BikeStar surges straight towards the enemy line and will turbo boost-run towards them too. The two biker squads drop back behind BikerStar.

All of my psychic powers are denied this turn.

2nd Turn - Space Wolves and Chaos Daemons
The Lord of Change swoops closer towards my line as does the Bloodthirster. The Grey Hunters and one Rune Priest deploy from the forward rhino... The Grey Hunters embark out the front while the Rune Priest embarks out the back. The daemon infantry also moves forwards toward BikeStar.

The Rune Priest successfully casts Cursed Earth which will grant a 2++ re rollable invulnerable save to one squad of Horrors since they are Grimoried. He also summons a squad of Plaguebearers this turn as well. Shooting is ineffective.

The Grimoried Horrors declare an assault on BikeStar. Overwatch manages to luckily drop one then in assault I slay another without taking any wounds in return. The Horrors lose a couple more due to Daemonic Instability then BikeStar successfully hits and runs out of combat moving towards the exposed enemy Grey Hunters.

2nd Turn - BikeStar
BikeStar moves into position to multi assault the Grey Hunters, Horrors and Plaguebearers.

My Grey Hunters move up into the top level of the ruin to draw a bead on the approaching Bloodletters as does both biker squads.

I successfully cast both Invisibility and Prescience this turn on BikeStar !!!

Shooting drops the Bloodletters down to a single remaining daemon.

BikeStar then multi assaults all three enemy units destroying them all for First Blood and three kill points. Note that Daemonic Instability wiped out the 2++ re rollable Horrors. Invisible BikeStar then consolidates towards the two occupied rhinos.

"We must focus first on eliminating the traitorous Wolves!" Chapter Master Kadorr commands.

"Aye!" replies Arn. "There shall be no trace once we are done here. By the blessing of the great wolf spirits in the sky we are impervious to the foul daemonkin this dark day. Smash our twisted cousins hard! their mutaneous geneseed shall be utterly purged!"

The sound of revving hard engines and massed bolter fire drowns out all other sounds as the Imperial strike force engages the enemy anew.

3rd Turn - Space Wolves and Chaos Daemons
The empty rhino splits off towards my opponent's left side of the board hugging the table edge while the other two drop back. The Lord of Change swoops over beside a biker squad and the Bloodthirster lands switching over to glide mode.the lone Bloodletter moves forward and hops into some terrain. The seekers close in towards my biker squads and Grey Hunters.

This turn my opponent summons a squad of daemonettes. The Lord of Change casts Dark Blade, perils losing a wound and also loses a spell, though only one biker goes down in flames.

Again enemy shooting is mostly ineffective.

No assaults this turn.

3rd Turn - BikeStar
BikeStar moves into position to contain the two occupied rhinos and stranded Rune Priest while the Iron Priest biker splits off to assault the empty rhino. One squad of bikers move and turbo boost as well towards the empty rhino.

Invisibility is denied this turn and I fail to shriek the Bloodthirster.

Shooting from one biker squad, the Grey Hunters and drop pod wipe out the seekers for another kill point.

The Iron Priest biker assaults the empty rhino but only manages to immobilize it. BikeStar destroys both occupied rhinos and the stranded Rune Priest for three more kill points and two out of three chosen enemy units for Seek and Destroy. The enemy Grey Hunters suffer some wounds from the explosions but both squads manage to pass their morale and pinning checks. BikeStar then consolidates into a ruin spreading out 2" between every biker.

4th Turn - Space Wolves and Chaos Daemons
The two squads of remaining enemy Grey Hunters with their three Rune Priests drop back a bit and hunker down. The Lord of Change swoops over towards my Iron Priest biker while the Bloodthirster glides into position to charge my forward bike squad (note they are not one of his chosen units).

The daemonettes hustle towards my Grey Hunters.

My opponent summons another squad of daemonettes and successfully casts a spell from the Telekinesis lore that is S10 AP1 large blast but perils exploding his head... The blast then scatters off the table.

Grey Hunters combined shooting manages to drop one wound on my Chapter Master.

The Bloodthirster charges the biker squad, losing two wounds to Overwatch. The bikers lose combat and break off the table. Note the Bloodthirster lost two more wounds from the sergeant's meltabomb and a krak grenade bringing him down to just one wound left.

4th Turn - BikeStar
BikeStar moves into position to assault both Grey Hunter squads and one squad of Horrors. The Iron Priest biker joins the remaining biker squad and they surround the immobilized rhino. My Grey Hunters hold the line drawing a bead on the incoming wave of daemonettes.

I successfully cast Invisibility again. No other spells go off.

The Grey Hunters and drop pod shooting combine to wipe out the daemonettes.

BikeStar then charges in - I roll up 3" so can only make contact with one squad of Grey Hunters and the Horrors... Both enemy units are destroyed and BikeStar consolidates toward the one remaining enemy unit of Grey Hunters that has his Warlord.

"I can see the fell Wolves are close to complete and utter ruin." says Wolf Guard Myrsonn to his squad of Grey Hunters. "We must hold the line until Wolf Lord Arn can return to our side. Legends will be born upon this battlefield today! Lock and reload."

I will summarize the rest of the game from this point which went the full seven turns. My Grey Hunters managed to shoot down the Bloodthirster and slay the Lord of Change in assault. My opponent destroyed my drop pod and my Grey Hunters with his remaining squad of daemonettes. I in turn wiped out the rest of his Grey Hunters, Rune Priests and the third rhino.

Primary 1 - Purge the Alien /BikeStar
Primary 2 - Seek and Destroy /BikeStar
Kingslayer - Slay the Warlord /BikeStar

First Blood /BikeStar
Line Breaker /Draw
Last Blood /Rogue Space Wolves

NOTE My opponent informed me he destroyed the biker unit chosen for the Seek and Destroy primary objective - I thought it was the other biker unit. That would change the results to a draw for Seek and Destroy.

The Inquisition has spoken ! There will be no further alliances with the warp in this sector... Any violators will be purged !!! Yee have been warned those with no faith ...

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