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Thursday, April 09, 2015

My 40k laundry list

Let's be honest there are some things about our hobby that befuddle most all of us. Here are the top things that make me shake my head...

Codex Wave Serpent and Codex Flyrant
The memo said GW wants all codices to be equivalent and balanced. Now that would require a lot of work and proper planning. Right... Take Jervis Johnson and Phil Kelly making them run a world wide tournament system. Please get them out of the development department. Jervis hates on Chaos Space Marines because he was not a part of the codex 3.5 team and eventually got rid of the really good old talent such as Andy Chambers. Phil Kelly really loves his pet eldar to the exclusion of other armies he's developed codices... Just look at the Ork codex - it's obvious it was rushed at best. So sure eldar are getting a new book but I'm thinking they will still be okay and they should. I'm just hoping the new codex is more balanced as a whole.

Just think what GW could have done with Tyranids... Why do Warriors have to be multi wound T4 ? If Synaspse gave Eternal Warrior it'd be okay. Why can't dark eldar characters such as the Archon, Succubus and Haemi be able to ride jetbikes ? In a world of Imperial Knights and Wave Serpents would these things really break the game ? I would love to see Tyranid Warriors be T5 with a 3+ armor save.

This is by far the most fucked up of all ever. We can see the writing on the wall - rather than doing it right like they should and redeveloping Chaos Space Marines and Daemons we will get a band aid solution. Don't get me wrong I am a big fan of Daemonkin... But why are Bloodletters one base attack and why is the once mighty Bloodthirster S6 ??? Well it's obvious Phil Kelly hates on Khorne but thank the Chaos Gods he was not involved in the development of the Daemonkin codex ! It's a step in the right direction but let's be honest - as a stand alone it won't be top tier. Forge World via Chaos Space Marine CAD is needed and it won't mix well with the Chaos Daemon codex since they have the instability rule. Still though the fearless daemons are really good !

What will GW do with Thousand Sons the red headed step child of the game ? Their bolters should be AP3 and ignore cover like Legion of the Damned. I predict nothing good coming down the line in this vein unfortunately. Why can a Lord of Change be S8 but not the once almighty Bloodthirster ? Would this really break the game with codex Wraithknight running around ?

In my opinion Chaos Space Marines should be at least stubborn and all the cult Marines should have FNP. Just look at all the fantastic veteran skills White Scars get for free... Skilled Rider, +1 jink, Outflank, Scout, S5 Hammer of Wrath plus Hit and Run. It's really crazy. Me, I'm enjoying it while I still got it because I know the nerf bat is coming. Oh well.

Blood Angels
All they got is what they used to have and nothing new to make them competitive in seventh edition as a stand alone codex. They are by my favorite but I can't bare to play them anymore. Jump infantry just doesn't cut it now a days. Like Chaos Space Marines at one time they were too good. Forgive and forget... Play another army. Sad but true and it's not going to change any time soon. Maybe by the time I'm 70 they will be good again - maybe beimg the key word... Hopefully Jervis and Phil will both be long gone by then if we are lucky and I've got my fingers crossed.

So that's my rant. Peace out.

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