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Monday, April 27, 2015

Eldar Killer List • Fighting Fire with Fire

This is an idea a friend approached me with to see if it's viable. The concept is to design a black list to destroy the new eldar. This is a pro active movement in counter to simply just complaining. What we know is that unrestricted the following units are the most popular so far...

• Windriders with scatter lasers (Scatbikes)

• Wraithknights

• Wraithguard

These are the units I think we will see get the most time on the table at first from competitive eldar players so we will focus on them first.

The scatbikes are highly mobile and can throw down a ton of long range S6 fire power (up to 48"). These units are the objective secured units which grab objectives and mow down most any enemy unit suspestable to S6... Only T10 (e.g., Iron Armed Great Unclean One) and AV13+ is immune. Jetbikes have some inherent weaknesses such as leadership 8 - failed morale checks force them to fallback 3d6". One great counter is the new Space Wolf flyer with Hellfrost large blast which I have successfully used to counter Warp Spiders. The flyer puts the scatbikes on the defensive and force eldar to focus on it. The Heldrake is another excellent counter. If eldar are forced to bring more anti air to protect their scatbikes it helps to reduce their net sum.

Psychic Shriek combined with Terrify is also a major deterrent to scatbikes. Be'lakor, Severin Loth and Tigurius all can provide this combination. Be'lakor can be really good if well played and the Librarians can get the job done using drop pods or flyers with transport capacity.

Another great solution is the Typhon plus it can be very survivable if properly buffed. The Typhon has the range to pushback scatbikes, preventing them from going on the offensive.

We don't know yet what will be the optimal build for scatbike units in terms of number of Windriders per unit and total number of units so we will come back to this discussions as more prevailing data is available.

I will focus on the Wraith units in the next two articles in this series so stay tuned for more. This is how we have to think - being positive and willing to adapt. The good news is we already have all the tools we need.

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