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Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Building a competitive army around the Daemonkin codex

This is my initial attempt at a list using the Daemonkin codex as the core. I typically take everything I want to field then scale it down to an appropriate number of points (e.g., 1850). The army should be designed to center around a resilient mobile deathstar supported by a Lord of War and some hard hitting troops. Please note I'm on the road and don't have my codex with me... So there is some guess work involved.

Daemonkin CAD

Chaos Lord - Juggernaught - relic armor (Eternal Warrior) - Sigil of Corruption - power fist - lightning claw

Herald - Juggernaught - Axe of Khorne - Locus (Hatred) - Collar of Khorne

Full squad Bloodcrushers - Blood Banner

7x Berserker - Icon of Wrath
Champion - power fist - lightning claw - meltabombs

10x Cultist - Mark of Khorne (use champion to summons Bloodthirster)

Chaos Space Marines CAD
Chaos Lord - Juggernaught - Sigil of Corruption - Axe of Blind Fury

7x Chosen - Mark of Khorne - Icon of Wrath - 2x meltagun - 2x power axe
Champion - power axe - meltabombs

10x Cultist - Mark of Khorne

Typhon (Lord of War from IA13)
Ceramite Plates - Relic (+1 invulnerable save for friendly units within 6") - lascannon sponsons

Landraider /Transport for Chosen
Dirge Caster - Extra Armor - Dozer Blade

Dreadclaw (Fast Attack from IA13) /Transport for Berserkers
Dirge Caster

Expanding on the list I'd take Chaos Daemons as an ally:

Daemon Prince - Daemon Flight - Warp Forged Armor - Axe of Khorne - GoTN

8x Bloodletter

The two Lords and Heralds attach to the Bloodcrushers.

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