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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Let's assume eldar take the Nerf - where will the meta go ?

I know a new codex is to release soon for the EZ win eldar. Let's suppose they take some hits from the old nerf bat...

Dire Avengers must be 10 man strong minimum and wave serpents lose some of their uber effectiveness such as serpent shield being a one time use and holofield not as good. I know some diehards were really hoping this would just be another supplement but that's not the case. I haven't seen any actual rules yet except for some of the detachments and formations.

Nothing really jumps out me to say Booh but you never know... But then again to be honest I think they're done. Supposedly the head Cheesemeister Phil Kelly was put on a short leash this time around... As broken as it is you can't really expect it to get much better.

If indeed eldar drop from their current perch upon the top of the meta then you can expect to see some major shifts in the overall power level. Right off the bat I see Space Marines and Space Wolves vaulting up a few notches and rightly so in my opinion. The great thing about the latter is their codex and supplement are still fresh so it will at least be a couple years before they get whacked by the old nerf bat. Generally speaking every army that doesn't involve eldar should move up in scale filling the new vacous vacancy left behind by the pointy ears.

The good news for eldar players is they get some new toys to play with now ...

Rejoice eldar !

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