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Sunday, April 05, 2015

1st army list for Daemonkin (2000 points)

Here is my first serious attempt at an army list. I'm using two combined arms detachments (CSM and DK) and Forge World. CSM is required to unlock the Forge World units.

Chaos Space Marines Combined Arms Detachment
Chaos Lord:
MoK - Sigil of Corruption - Juggernaught - Axe of Blind Fury - Burning Brand - Meltabombs

7x Berserker:
Chainaxes - Icon of Wrath
Power Fist - Lightning Claw - Meltabombs

Dreadclaw Assault Pod (Fast Attack) /transport for Berserkers

7x Chaos Space Marine:
MoK - Flamer - 7x CCW - Icon of Wrath - Veterans of the Long War
Power Axe - Meltabombs
Dozer Blades

Typhon (Lord of War):
Lascannon sponsons - Ceramite Armor - Relic* (+1 to seize)

* The relic also forced your opponent to re roll a successful seize the initiative which for me is really good because I tend to get seized on a lot in local pick up games... Well worth the points !

Daemonkin Combined Arms Detachment
Chaos Lord:
Sigil of Corruption - Collar of Khorne - Juggernaught - Goredrinker ** - Blood-forged Armor - Meltabombs

** The Chaos Lord is S10 once Goredrinker doubles his strength which is great versus Imperial Knights, Thunderwolves and Wraiths - you can strike at initiative step 5. He has instant death too which is great versus monstrous creatures like the Wraithknight.

Juggernaught - Loci (Hatred) - Axe of Ruin

5x Bloodcrusher:
Banner of Blood

8x Bloodletter

8x Bloodletter

I'm not using any of the special detachments or formations yet so that I can take exactly what I want and get a good feel how the new codex works with all its new special rules. For example I have no desire to run Possessed as they are too specialized for the points you pay. I should still be able to generate a decent number of Blood Tithe points and have the Artefact that holds a bound Bloodthirster. Feel No Pain alone is really good plus the Goredrinker is really strong in the hands of a Chaos Lord.

I prefer Bloodcrushers over Flesh Hounds - I don't see Flesh Hounds as all that amazing without tue buffs they normally get from the Chaos Daemon codex (e.g. Grimoire, Invisibility, etc.).

Bloodletters are held in reserve to deep strike where I need them to grab objectives. If I can generate enough points for summoning a Daemon Prince he will come from the CSM champion for the high leadership.

So overall a highly mobile assault army with the Typhon as the hammer to the anvil.

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