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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Tyrranic War Veterans

Tyrannic War Veterans Squad (new unit)
Slightly cheaper (point wise) than Sternguard and only have one type of special ammunition available to them (Hellfire Rounds). They take up an elite slot and start with four veterans... Can add up to six additional veterans to the unit.

Special Rules:
Avenge the Fallen First—The unit has Zealot if the enemy forces has any Tyranids.
Preferred Enemy Tyranids.

Saint Tylus Battle Force (new formation)
This formation that starts off with Chaplain Cassius, 1+ Tyrannic War Veteran Squads, and 0-6 Stormtalon Gunships.

Special Rules:
Aerial Superiority—Stormtalons can infiltrate and don't have to start the game in reserve. They begin the game in hover mode if they start on the board.

Pummeled by Fire—If a Stormtalon from this formation hits an enemy unit in the shooting phase then all shots by Tryannic War Veterans have the ignore cover special rule.

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