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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Tyranid Adaptive Tactics Part 3. The New and Improved Mawloc

The new rules for Mawlocs has the potential to change the current meta but will require adaptive tactics to give consistent results. The Mawloc has seen a significant point reduction while also having become potentially much more powerful... You can now use it's deep strike attack (every model underneath its base takes a S6 AP2 hit) twice, which is better than twin linked, in one turn plus this now ignores cover. For example you can:

— Snipe an Ethereal tucked away inside a squad of Fire Warriors by careful placement of the large base,
— Nuke a squad of Broadsides, or
— Take out a squad of eldar jetbikes.

If your opponent places their models along their table edge to increase the odds of a mishap occurring then they are that much further away from your army which drastically reduces the effective range of their fire power.

Intercepting Tau units cannot stop the assault attack from occurring either plus Riptides won't be able to drop their pie plates when the Mawloc does not scatter or is minimally placed from its originating spot on the table.

Just the psychological threat of one Mawloc is enough to throw a big monkey wrench into the current meta for both eldar and Tau... That's all you need.

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