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Friday, January 31, 2014

Things to Come

I have several things of interest I plan to post in the following days:

  • Tyranid vs White Scar 2k Batrep (Purge the Alien)
  • Ultimate Drop Pod Army Tactica
  • WIP Pictures

I have been very busy with real life work and completing my drop army. I plan to get back to Tyranids and am going to build some new units. Optimally you should finish what you start before you start something new... That said I had to get back into the Hive Mind way of things with this new codex and I really like it a lot—even the naysayers are finally starting to admit there are some really great things in the codex. Even Tau and Eldar took some time to refine and they are both super EZ win armies with training wheels bolted on the sides. Not everyone wants to break out the cheese—Tyranids will do just fine.

Thought for the Day
Live for the day when people think about what lists can do, rather than what they can't do. Stop judging a codex by how it will go against the most extreme theory-hammer lists rather than the lists most people actually use. The 40k tournament scene is currently dominated by a few specific list archetypes and most of these are leveraging specific units such as Riptides and Wave Serpents.

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