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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Tyranid Adaptive Tactics Part 2

I had two games this weekend. The first game was versus a new player with Chaos Space Marines—easy win as expected. The second game was versus a veteran Tau player with triple Riptides... Very exciting game and my tactics were strong—I took a lot of pictures and will post a batrep this week. Here are some thoughts after both games:

Overall Potential Position in the Meta
I think Tyranids are strong and can do well in the current meta versus Chaos daemons, eldar and Tau. I definitely see the right build as having the upper hand versus Tau. Shadows in the Warp is going to hurt both both daemons and eldar. Tyranids are inherently stronger than daemons in close combat.

I gave him a try in the second game versus Tau... He got mulched by their missiles that ignore cover and don't need line of sight. I really wish I had used those points instead for a brood of Hive Guard. He is situational at best and I don't think he will be all that competitive. If he had synapse maybe he would be worth the points.

Trygon Prime
He can be really good and I think the Reaper of Obliterax suits him well—Shred, Instant Death on a roll of 6 to wound plus 3+ to initiative... He will destroy any other monstrous creature. Use him as a backfield unit for synapse rather than risking the deep strike. A lot of points but very bad ass.

I'm sad to say it but I'm going to drop them so I can field more genestealers... You can field a decent size genestealer brood for the cost of three Warriors. They are too many points for what you get in return and still can easily be insta-gibbed. I love them dearly... Oh well.

Alpha Warrior
He is still the man and I intend to run a pair in 2000+ point games. The Tyranid Prime can fleet now with adrenal glands... Attach him to a big brood of genestealers with a Broodlord and they will kill shit dead. Maw claws are a perfect fit.

Heavy Support
This is the new elite choice for Tyranids. Double FOC is their best friend.

The best armies will have a mix of backfield units to control objectives and disruption units. Disruption units infiltrate and outflank—they are your game winners. I'll discuss how to use disruption in the next article.

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