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Friday, January 17, 2014

Tyranid Adaptive Tactics • The Super Synapse Bubble

Most armies|units in sixth edition have static tactics—they can only do one thing well... A good example of a static tactic is ripple fire for a Tau Riptide and it is not all that reliable. You as the opponent must exploit these inherent weaknesses. The new Tyranid codex was written such that the Hive Mind has a host of adaptive tactics. Adaptive tactics can morph to various battlefield conditions and always excel. I am here to help you learn how to master these new adaptive tactics, which are one of the really good things Tyranids have going for them now. The first example is the Synapse Super Bubble.

Dominion is the primaris power from the Tyranid Psychic Powers of the Hive Mind—+6" to the caster's Synapse, plus it's a blessing. This is in addition to the Warlord trait that increases synapse to 18". The Norn Crown adds another 6" to synapse. Altogether you've got a 30" radius synapse bubble. Deployed correctly your army has synapse in a 60" diameter covering practically the entire table.

As an example of how effective this is you can take your Instinctive Behaviour (IB) test and then use Dominion or movement to pull a brood back into synapse. Any brood that survives will automatically regroup prior to their own movement phase. Broods that Burrow and Hide will automatically recover after going to ground. This is stronger than Imperial Guard orders as you're casting on Ld10. It's very simple and extremely effective.

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