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Thursday, January 09, 2014

Tyranids, End of a Dynasty

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So if you follow the internet there's lot of actual information available from the new codex and it's apparent the current meta army list has been hit hard by the nerf bat. To be honest I am not sad to see it go by the way side. Here is a list of what it lost:

— No more Biomancy monstrous creature spam
— No more fielding three Tervigons as troops for the cost of 30 termagants
— Spawned termagants can no longer assault the turn they are shat out by momma bug
— No more buffs given to nearby gants, inclusive of Leadership, Poison, Furious Charge given by Tervigons
— No more Doom
— No more spores
— No more Yrmgarl genestealers

These are all major nerfs and the proverbial death blow to how gamers competitively played Tyranids... remember GW likes to sell new models... That has always been their policy. I will refrain from making a statement that Tyranids are done. There will probably be at least one decent build but it will be something completely different. So I guess some will just have to wait and see if somebody figures out how to break the new codex. Oh well. I can say without a doubt this was my least liked edition of Tyranids... the meta list was absolutely no fun to play against and it was irritating at times to deal with some of the people who played the army.

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