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Monday, February 20, 2012

Tyranids vs. Imperial Guard

Okay so here are some of my thoughts on playing Tyranids competively versus Imperial Guard. Here are two very basic assumptions:

—The table has 25 percent terrain with some blocking LOS
—You strategically place your objectives

To me those two are the most important aspects to playing competively versus IG. They will rain down unholy Hell upon you all game long during their shooting phases... That is their main strength... It's like a chess game with a running clock. They will beat you at shooting and there is no way to get around that versus all their many many mighty guns.

In many ways a well designed Tyranid army is better at weathering their storm than Space Marines. Your strengths is in numbers and synapse. As long as you have enough synapse and good cover combined with large numbers you can win the war. In objective based games they will shoot the Hell out of you then move in the closing turns to claim and contest objectives. What shooting you do have should target their forward most transports to impede their movement. Imperial Guard does not want to cover open ground on foot... They want to remain within the relative safety of their armored transports. So focus on popping their forward most transports first to force them to foot slog towards the objective markers as this is one of their main danger zones.

In killpoint missions you can win as IG is an army that can give up many. It is what it is. More thoughts soon !!

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