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Friday, February 17, 2012

Security versus Freedom from a Gaming Perspective

This is not a rant about things like cyber security... Instead it is an editorial on two types of competitive gaming attitudes and my simple opinions based upon over 20 years of tabletop gaming. Let's start off with some definitions so you'll know where I'm coming from and also how these two perspectives are interrelated. Interrelations are like the Yin and the Yang - if you go deep enough into one side eventually you'll emerge on the other side. It is what is.

Security - you need a big blanket to make you feel safe. I've been there many times such as my Draigowing. You've got all the best buffs and you can easily push the envelope. This style of play can heavily encroach upon your opponent - often you see people complaining about the top tier armies... Maybe they feel a bit helpless and need to vent their frustration. While these types of opinions are totally valid but as a competitor it won't make you a better gamer.

Freedom - I think it is better to approach this style of play after having been heavily invested in security. This way you'll know what you are up against so you can quickly form the decisions you need to make to exploit the other end of the spectrum. This style of play has not much security at all so you have to play very well versus equal opponents that have embraced security. You have more flexibility and must take advantage of this aspect. It is dangerous ground but then again it can be very powerful as well.

For a freedom player to beat a security player at some point in the game the freedom player needs to cripple the security player—it does not have to occur in the beginning of the game which is very hard to pull off versus a well seasoned veteran. If the security player can weather the storm they will end up winning most of the time simply due to all of the inherent advantages they have incorporated into their army that naturally debuffs the advantages built into the freedom player's army. The freedom player must play a perfect game and may need some luck as well to win... It is the nature of the beast.

If you decide to embrace the aspects of a freedom player then you'll need to get used to listening to other telling you why you can't win versus a security player... They just don't understand and often these types were unsuccessful in their attempt to follow the path of freedom. There is nothing wrong with following the path of a security player—don't fall into the trap of knocking them if you are a freedom player. There are always at least two sides of a coin - we can't have one without the other. The path of a freedom player can be more rewarding as it is more challenging.

Often you hear people talking about rock armies or they talk a lot about the current meta. While its very important to understand these aspects of the game it is not the end all be all either. The goal is to transcend this mindset and reach a higher plateau. The high ground is there but not easy to reach but with determination and the ability to learn over time you can reach this state of mind. You must be totally committed and willing to suffer some pain. In the end if you are true to your path you will reach your destination and this will eventually open up other doors of perception... You will have become enlightened and once there no one can ever take this away from you no matter how hard they try.

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