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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Revised 2000 point Tyranid Army List

I have still been playing lots of games to test the list - this list I'm posting here will probably be my standing list as its gone through lots and lots of tweaks since I first began to seriously play Tyranids. Most of the heavy hitters are still there. I've added more elements for firepower and beefed up on genestealers. I think this list is very balanced and has four scoring units. Tyranids need synergy and coordination between units... You have to think a lot to do well and I always enjoy the challenge.

- HQ -
Hive Tyrant:
Wings, Bone Sword + Lash Whip, Twin Linked Devourer w. Brainleech ammo, Adrenal Glands, Paroxsym, Life Leech

Alpha Warrior:
Bone Sword + Lash Whip, Scything Talons, Adrenal Glands, Regeneration

- Elites-
8x Yrmgarl Genestealers

3x Zoanthrope -Mycetic Spore

3x Hive Guard

- Heavy Support -
Trygon Prime:
Adrenal Glands

- Troops -
15x Termagant - Mycetic Spore

3x Warrior:
Bone Swords + Lash Whips,Toxin Sacs, 2x Deathspitter & Barbed Strangler

14x Genestealer & Broodlord:
Toxin Sacs & Scything Talons

8x Genestealer

I have started to play the army with some units on the table now so I no longer consider it as always having to be a played as a fully reserved army. This army has more firepower and is better at dealing with heavily mechanized armies—there are lots of options. I had a great game versus Grey Knights earlier this evening... Came right down to the wire at the end and I was way ahead on killpoints believe it or not.

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