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Monday, February 20, 2012

Deployment & How The Modified Tyranid Army Functions

Here is the latest version of my 2k list:

Tyrant -
• Wings, bone sword + lash whip, twin linked devourer w. brainleech ammo, adrenal glands
• Hive Commander
• Paroxysm & Life Leech

Tyranid Prime -
• Bone sword + lash whip, scything talons, adrenal glands, toxin sacs

9x Yrmgarl Genestealer

3x Zoanthrope -
• Mycetic spore

3x Hive Guard

15x Genestealer + Broodlord -
• Scything talons & toxin sacs

5x Genestealer

3x Warrior (Tyranid Prime is attached to this brood) -
• 2x deathspitter & barbed strangler, bone swords + lash whip, toxin sacs

15x termagant -
• Devourers
• Mycetic spore

Trygon Prime -
• Adrenal glands

The bone swords and lash whips are a great deterrent to Grey Knights as is the thick blanket of Shadows in the Warp spread across the entire army.

Tyrant grants +1 to reserve rolls so typically the entire army will start in reserve. Tyrant can either deep strike or come in from reserve along my table edge (great option for Spearhead deployment). Tyrant is for both anti tank shooting (lightly armored transports) and heavy melee.

Genestealers can either infiltrate or outflank. Yrmgarl genestealers always start dormant on the table. Obviously these are both dedicated melee units though the small unit of genestealers is primarily intended to hold an objective.

Hive Guard and Warriors with the Alpha Warrior come in from reserve along my table edge. Tyranid Prime and its Warriors stay close to the Hive Guard for synapse coverage. These units form my back line and the Warriors can hold objectives. Note that the Alpha Warrior and its Warrior brood can come in from the hole left where the Trygon burrowed up onto the board if they arrive any turn later than the Trygon... This is rare though as already stated I typically need them to provide synapse coverage for the Hive Guard.

Termagants and Zoies enter from reserve via spores while the Trygon deep strikes - these three all have similar rules like the drop internal guidance system—therefore the chance to mishap is greatly reduced and I have a lot of freedom where I choose to place them.

Zoies and Hive Guard are anti tank shooting while termagants are anti infantry shooting. Zoies come in where needed so as to target heavy armor such as landraiders and Monoliths. Termagants either come in to shoot infantry or land beside and objective a safe distance from enemy units.

I have basically split the army into three subgroups -

* Alpha Warrior attached to the Warriors and Hive Guard hang at the back to claim objectives and pop transports

* Termagants and Zoies come in where needed to shoot exposed enemy units (midfield typically)

* Tyrant, genestealers and Trygon form the vanguard up front dedicated to melee—Tyrant may hang back if necessary to lend support elsewhere

I have lots of wins versus Grey Knights (most all flavors) and Space Wolves. I'm starting to playtest now versus Imperial Guard (mechanized) and have experienced promising results. I have also done well versus Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines in general.

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