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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Joshua Dearth FTW !!!

Joshua had this to say over on BoLS commenting on my latest Nidz article:

I actually just started a nid army less than a month ago for the sole purpose of taking to a half dozen GT's over the next few months and have had fairly good success in the tournaments I've played thus far.  

I would like to consider myself a rather experienced tournament player and chose Tyranids because of the challenge.  (I just got done running a Tau army over the past couple of years in various tournaments and placed quite well so I have developed a taste for using under valued armies)

I personally would agree with Big Black Fiend's comment that the people I have had the most success against have been those who have dismissed the army as a non threat before they even play against it.  

I guess the real test will be this weekend though, as I am taking it to the Broadside Bash in LA.  

I have always been of the mindset that any army can be a competitive tournament army if built and played right.  

I have been following these Nid articles for some time and I find the endless negative comments to be rather entertaining as this only fortifies why I started this army in the first place.

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