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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Might of Titans * 1650 pt GK vs. Nids batrep

Here is my army list:

Librarian - Might of Titans, Sanctuary, Shrouding, Warp Rift, Quicksilver; Warding Stave

5x Paladin (fully complex) - 2x psycannon, 2 pairs of falchions, warding stave, daemonhammer; psybolt ammo
5x Paladin (fully complex) - 2x psycannon, 2 pairs of falchions, 2x halberd, Daemonhammer; psybolt ammo

Vindicare assassin
Landraider Crusader - psybolt ammo; extra armor

Note that I used master crafting to make each squad of Paladins fully complex which is not shown above (don't have my army list with me now).

Here is the Tyranid army list:

Hive Tyrant - wings, scything talons, lash whip & pair of boneswords; paroxysm, hive commander, leech essence

Trygon Prime

DoM - mycetic spore

3x Hive Guard

10x genestealer
10x genestealer
15x termagant - mycetic spore

10x Yrmgyl genestealer

Note that the spores had some upgrades.

Mission Objectives:
Primary - Annilihation
Secondary - Seize Ground (4x objective marker)


The four objective markers were placed around the center of the table all around 12" apart. My opponent won the roll for deployment and let me go first. I placed the assassin on top of a tower deep in my table quarter. Draigos and the Librarian attached to one squad of Paladins and embarked in the Crusader which was placed as close as possible to the center of the table. The other squad of Paladins I deployed in a low lying ruin right beside one objective marker.

My opponent held the DoM and termagants in reserve. Hive Tyrant, Trygon, both Mawlocs and the Hive Guard behind a building. One squad of genestealers were deployed beside the posse of monstrous creatures also behind cover. The other squad of genestealers infiltrated behind a building in the table quarter adjacent to my deployment zone.

Pre Game Analysis
My army is designed around Draigoswing. The assassin was selected so we could play a larger point game. The landraider Crusader is a weapons platform and can transport a large squad moving them into the center of the table to control the area around it. My opponent had deployed in such a manner to deny killpoints and snipe the assassin and open squad of Paladins with genestealers. My strategy was to move the landraider into the center of the table and force the Tyranids hiding behind the building to move towards it.

I used the Grand Strategy to grant both squads of Paladins the ability to reroll wounds that rolled 1s.

1st Turn - Grey Knights
The landraider moved to the center of the table. I had nothing to shoot at this turn.

1st Turn - Tyranids
Everything held still. Hive Guard targeted the landraider but failed to inflict any damage.

Killpoints - 0 GK & 0 Tyranids

2nd Turn - Grey Knights
The landraider moved over 6" so it could snipe the Hive Guard. Shooting from the landraider scored one wound on the Hive Guard.

2nd Turn - Tyranids
The Yrmgyl genestealers and the termagants both arrived from reserve. The Yrmgyl genestealers appeared in the tower where I had deployed the assassin blanketing him. The termagants landed in their spore towards the posse of monstrous creature within synapse range and out in the open using their spore for some cover. Again the Hive Guard targeted the landraider but failed to inflict any damage. The Yrmgyl genestealers then assaulted the assassin - both units scored one wound each for a drawn combat.

Killpoints - 0 GK & 0 Tyranids

3rd Turn - Grey Knights
The landraider sat still and targeted the termagants and scored four wounds. The assassin killed another Yrmgyl genestealer then was taken down. Yrmgyl genestealers then consolidated one level down into the tower.

3rd Turn - Tyranids
The DoM came in from reserve landing beside the Paladins out in the open and hid behind his spore. Genestealers behind the building adjacent to my DZ moved out heading towards the squad of open Paladins. Yrmgyl genestealers moved down to the bottom level of the tower and fleeted outside towards the squad of open Paladins. Termagants advanced just a bit towards the landraider keeping at least 50 percent of the unit behind their Mycetic spore for cover. Mawloc burrowed while the Hive Tyrant and Trygon came out from behind the building moving towards the landraider (bait). The Librarian cast Sanctuary - both the Hive Tyrant and Trygon took a wound from moving through dangerous terrain. The other squad of genestealers flanked around on the other side of the building then later ran towards the landraider (bait). Again the Hive Guard failed to inflict any damage shooting at the landraider. Finally the Tyrant and Trygon assaulted the landraider - the Trygon took another wound from moving through dangerous terrain. The Trygon managed to immobilize the landraider.

Killpoints - 0 GK & 1 Tyranids

4th Turn - Grey Knights
Draigos disembarked out from the front hatch of the landraider to assault the Tyrant while the Librarian and one squad of Paladins disembarked from the side hatch to assault the Trygon. The squad of Paladins in the open backed up away from the approaching genestealers. Shooting saw the landraider kill a few more termagants, Draigos scored no wounds on the Tyrant with his his stormbolter while the Librarian and Paladins scored a wound on the Trygon. In assault the open squad of Paladins destroyed the DoM and his spore, Draigos killed the Tyrant while the Librarian and his Paladins destroyed the Trygon. Draigos consolidated back to far side of the landraider while the Librarian and his Paladins consolidated behind it. The open squad of Paladins consolidated back into the low lying ruin.

4th Turn - Tyranids
The lone Mawloc tried to land on top of the lone squad of Paladins but scattered off the table and was lost to the mishap. Again the one squad of infiltrating genestealers and the Yrmgyl genestealers advanced towards the lone unit of Paladins - both would be outside their charge arc even with fleet. The termagants moved up into range to shoot Draigos while the other squad of genestealers moved up to assault Draigos. The Librarian cast Sanctuary which just covered Draigos. The termagants inflicted one wound on Draigos in the shooting phase... Again the Hive Guard failed to inflict any damage on the landraider. The genestealers assaulted Draigos and lost two models to failed dangerous terrain tests - Draigos then killed 3 genestealers and the genestealers scored one wound on Draigos. The genestealers then passed their break test and piled in around Draigos.

Killpoints - 6 GK & 1 Tyranids

We played a couple more turns - the Grey Knights systematically killed off the rest of the Tyranids with focused shooting - only the Hive Guard and a lone termagant were able to manage to survive so I ended up winning the primary by 8 to 1 killpoints. My only loss was the assassin.

Post Game Analysis
My strategy worked like a charm - the Tyranids took the bait assaulting the landraider with their two heavy hitters which brought them within my kill zone. The primary objective was well in my favor as I only had a total of 6 killpoints in my army while my opponent had around 11 killpoints. So a solid win with an army of 13 models and one tank versus an army of over 50 models! Not bad at all for my first game. I didn't go into a lot of detail regarding my psychic tests - Shadow in the Warp shut them down about 50 percent of the time when a synapse creature was in range... Other than that I never failed any other psychic tests. Over the course of the game I suffered around 3 wounds combined on all my Paladins and Draigos suffered two himself plus the landraider was immobilized.

That's all for now.

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