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Thursday, May 19, 2011


A rare midday post.

As some of you might know I have not been a big fan of the INAT FAQ following the council's initial rulings on the 5ed Tyranid codex. For instance DoM could target enemy units embarked inside vehicles... I just couldn't wrap my brain around that one. The reasoning provided for the ruling did not really make anymore sense to me either so I gave up on the document. In retrospect though there was a time when GW gave credit to the INAT council in their own FAQs for previous efforts. One of my biggest problems with the INAT FAQ has always been its voluminous size and the virtual repetition of certain sections over and over again (e.g., various Space Marine codices share many of the same rules). If I am going to use a FAQ then I want to read it from front to back and know it inside out because I am a competitive gamer. So I am wondering if there is any interest in a lite version of the INAT FAQ.

I have the Word document and could parse it down into something I think is reasonable with no changes to the existing rulings. Note that I would delete sections such as Apocalypse and just keep it solely focused on 40k. I do lots of technical writing for my job and have written many papers over the course of my career so I know I could do a good job. If you are interested then go ahead and vote in my poll. If you are not interested then go ahead and vote anyways - all things being equal.  :  )

So if I see a reasonable interest then I will go for it as they say.


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