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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Best armaments for Grey Knight Paladins and Terminators

To me it's starting to look like this is the best armaments per every five models:

* 5x Paladin -
Psycannon & daemonhammer
Psycannon & halberd
Master crafted halberd
Sword or warding stave

* 5x terminator -
Psycannon and halberd
3x halberd

The halberd is giving you an advantage versus any unit at I4 -I5 while it helps to even out a melee versus any unit at I6. There's not lots of units at I7+ except for wyches with furious charge and charging Banshees plus a hand full of characters.

I think we all know how powerful is the daemonhammer combined with Hammerhand... One per every five models sounds about right to me. I like to have one force sword or a warding stave with the Paladins for a decent invulnerable save when you need it. The stave is expensive but it can make a difference - especially if you can stack a couple of S8+ attacks and curb the instant death on the rest of the squad.

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